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NLB settings for Sitefinity

  • NLB settings for Sitefinity
  • Hi,

    I have some queries related to LB configuration of sitefinity:

    Lets say  I have a site

    I have 2 servers where this site is hosted :  For example : (First Server) & (Second Server) -  I don't have public sub domains for these individual servers.

    For Load balancer settings in Sitefinity, What do I have to configure from Sitefinity's back end ? My site runs under https protocol & there is no public HTTP protocol configured for the site. Shall I just write the IPs directly in LB configuration? Do I have to write a localhost port with it as well ? If not, How would it know what site to point to if I just write the server IP which may have multiple sites in IIS.



  • The actual issue we are facing is the Sitefinity's row not found issue, which we believe would go away after disabling L2 Cache from Sitefinity backend - But this is not an ideal solution, According to client, the response has gotten slower after disabling the L2 Cache, If the LB configuration is revisited to confirm if we have everything configured correctly, we can communicate to the client that avoiding disabled L2 cache is not an option. Would appreciate your advise in the regard.
  • What I am doubtful about is, the webservers (First Server) & (Second Server) can communicate with each other within the network. But the website itself is not accessible through http protocol. Infact there is no http binding at all on IIS server for the particular website in question. We only have public HTTPS hosting URL on IIS & that is same for the site on both the servers. 

    So, if I am going to write in Sitefinity backend settings, will this work ? In our scenario,  HTTP level traffic is blocked on network level and we can only use the HTTPS binding. Your advise is awaited.


  • Guys would really appreciate any help. Thanks
  • Hi, 

    I am getting the following error in the Log file of one of the servers:

    Message : "No CacheSyncClusterTransport instance was initialized"

    Stack Trace :    at Telerik.Sitefinity.LoadBalancing.InvalidateOpenAccessL2CacheHandler.ProcessSystemMessage(SystemMessageBase message)
       at Telerik.Sitefinity.LoadBalancing.SystemMessageDispatcher.HandleSystemMessageInternal(SystemMessageBase msg)


    Any idea what is causing this?

  • 1 month and no reply guys. This is not good for a paid product.