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8.2 to 9.1 version question

  • 8.2 to 9.1 version question
  • Hi,

    We have inherited a Sitefinity CMS installation.

    When we log in to the Admin area, the footer and the license information tells us we are running Sitefinity 9.1.

    But when we right click on SitefinityWebApp.dll in the bin and go to the Details tab, we see File/Product version 8.2.5900.0 .

    As we were ramping up, we downloaded a trial version of 9.1, and when we look at the bin/SitefinityWebApp.dll details tab there, we see File/Product version 9.1.6110.0 .

    Is there a patch we are not aware of that brings the 8.2.5900.0 dll up to 9.1?

    Or are we really just running 8.2, despite what the text in the admin area tells us?

    Additional info:

    The Global.asax.cs seems to be pointing directly to the 8.2.5900.0 SitefinityWebApp.dll

        using SitefinityWebApp.Infrastructure;

    Therefore, should we be developing for SF 8.2?