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Cannot upload svg file to library

  • Cannot upload svg file to library
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    Hi all,

    I have tried to upload svg file to library by following this document:

    After adding svg extension to images setting, I opened image screen and clicked "Upload and publish" button, but the CMS threw an error message said:  "Cannot save the file: [Parameter is not valid.]". 

    Could you please give me the solution to fix this issue? I am using version 9.2

    Best regards,

    Hanh Dang

  • I'm having the same issue. The svg extension was added in the Admin Image library settings, but we can't upload SVG. 
  • I didnt have any problem with SVG uploads,

    Did you restart website after change settings?

    Can you please send screenshot of your Admin Image library settings? 

  • ad21581e-37c1-6deb-a958-ff0000446526_svg_image-library.png

    Any answer to this?

    I've set this up for image libraries (see attached) and have restarted my web app. However, I still get the "Cannot save the file: [Parameter is not valid.]" for SVG files.

    I'm using version 9.x.


  • Looks like this is part of 10.x!  :-)