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Custom PageNode fields not persisting in database

  • Custom PageNode fields not persisting in database
  • I have a pretty simple yet frustrating problem trying to add new custom fields to our website. 


    I've inherited a website developed by a third party company, currently rolling with Sitefinity version 7.3.5610.0.  Our default page template came complete with a handful of custom fields to add a page link to the banner that persists across every page. I'm trying to add an additional custom text field to add an option to link offsite to a URL. 


    I can get the field to show up no problem, but I'm at a loss on how to force this field to presist in the page_node table. I've tried manually adding the field to the config files (all 6 of the frontend/backend create/edit/dialog), as well as adding it using the frontend interface in the advanced settings. Both ways fail to create a column for the new field in the database.


    I've been fighting this issue all day now, and I'm ready to reach out for some extra assistance.

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    Hi Jason,

    Based on your description, i understood that you are trying to add fields through configs.

    Easiest way to add custom fields to page, is to use interface. Go to the backend -> Pages and then in right sidebar you will find "Custom fields"

  • Wow, thank you, that's exactly what I needed. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out!