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  • HI , 


    I'm trying to create a Sitefinity backend theme. From my research ( I find out that I can download Sitefinity backend them and customize it.  So I download the Theme change the  image urls in css file (As they are web resources) and added in to our root folder and reference the theme in the backend Settings > Apperance > Themes.

    Issue 1:

    Now when I went in to the dash board. None of the font awsome icons are working.  I check from my console to see if the icon files are loaded and they are not. And I try to change the path in the css and they still dont work.  (Screen Shot Attached)


    Issue 2 : 

    When I go to Different pages in sitefinity, such as "pages" or  "Forms" all the styles are broken. (Screen shot attached )

    Is there any way of fixing these issues ?  So far I tried to change the paths for font and they still didnt work.


    Issue 3 : 

    Even though I have Sitefinty Backend Theme it does not look like it adding any styles to Backed Login page. How can we add our custom styles to Sitefinty Backend Login page. 

    Please let us know how to fix these issues. 

    Thank you.