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Page Caching Issues

  • Page Caching Issues
  • So I have a page that includes a large and complex web control that allows a user to change profile information as part of a 'sorta-wizard.' One of the first 'steps' in the wizard allows them to change address info. Our users update their address, complete the process and return to the home page; but if they go back into the profile page, it shows the cached version of their information, including their old, not-updated address. And so we get calls saying, "I tried changing my address and it didn't work."

    I have tried every solution that I can find to remove the page and/or address controls from the cache, and nothing seems to work. The simplest solution - setting the page to No-Cache - does nothing. There are some older forum posts about page caching, a few sketchy docs in the Telerik KB about the issue, and some blog posts here and there, but none of those solutions seem to be working correctly, and I've tried them all (although, admittedly, I could be making mistakes in implementation). 

    Can anyone point me to the best solution for caching problems like this? Any helpis appreciated.