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Passing string to MVC controller as a widget property

  • Passing string to MVC controller as a widget property
  • Hello

    Previously, I have created .ascx controls that I have managed to tweak allowing me to  pass values from the backend of Sitefinity so they can be used in the code itself e.g.:

    public partial class ComplianceReviewForm : System.Web.UI.UserControl
        public string Source get; set;
        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


    Is there any way to do something similar through MVC?


    EDIT: I can seein the default designer that gets created, there is a"Message" example. Effectively, I need to find out the value of this Message control in the MVC controller when it has been changed/updated. Any ideas?

    EDIT II: *sigh* Well in debug mode the designer javascript throws a null reference here anyway :


    /* Called when the designer window gets opened and here is place to "bind" your designer to the control properties */
    refreshUI: function ()
        var controlData = this._propertyEditor.get_control().Settings; /* JavaScript clone of your control - all the control properties will be properties of the controlData too */
        /* RefreshUI Message */
    /* Called when the "Save" button is clicked. Here you can transfer the settings from the designer to the control */
    applyChanges: function ()
        var controlData = this._propertyEditor.get_control().Settings;
        /* ApplyChanges Message */
        controlData.Message = jQuery(this.get_message()).val();





  • Ok, I have managed to sort this out myself now. For those who may across this, I highly recommend downloading Sitefininty Thunder, adding a Test MVC widget with designer and look closely at how the example Message property is used.