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Downloadable Library (mp3) on iOS problem.

  • Downloadable Library (mp3) on iOS problem.
  • Platform: Sitefinity 10

    the iOS browser does not download file but it will try to play the media file from server.

    the iOS will try sent Range head to fetch next frame and expected receive Content-Range tag. however the sitefinity download mechanism always send full data back to the client.

    It cause the browser can not complete a song and sound like repeat  again and again

    the issue causes by sitefinity download seem not support progressive download

    more detail reference:

    How can I do to make it work on iOS? 
  • Have you tried changing the storage location to file system rather than database as this article points out?

  • Yes,

    I had add mine type and our downloadable mp3 are sold on  e-commence module's store ( there is no file system option for the module)

  • Hi All,

    I try migrate to version 10.2.6602.0 and Its seem work. If you have the same issue, you can try upgrade it also.