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MVC Widget Inline Editing "Add", "Delete" Sitefinity 10 with Feather

  • MVC Widget Inline Editing "Add", "Delete" Sitefinity 10 with Feather
  • I have inline editing enabled for site.

    I am able to perform inline editing for elements.

    However, I see no ability to add an item i.e. list item content block on the fly.

    So for example

    1. I have a list widget

    2. I can successfully perform inline editing

    3. There is NO Add button to add a new list item

    4. There is NO Delete button to Delete list item

    I know there is the IsInlineEditingMode attribute and since this if feather can I do something like the following etc


    // Output some button to allow adding. 

  • You are correct the inline editing does not have the features to add/remove items.

    As for adding the feature I think you are the right track.  Once you have the button you will need to create a 'form' maybe in a modal? Then I would use the oData web services to create the item or potential delete.


  • Thanks for reply. So I assume this is a little false advertising in this video. It does not mention these editing tools are custom. Or am I missing something

  • The video is quite dated 5+ years old also on version 5.0 of Sitefinity.  I've been working with Sitefinity since v5 and don't ever recall seeing the add/delete options with inline editing.   Also according to inline editing did not come out till 6.2, so my guess is that was custom work done by someone (adding/deleting)