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Dynamic Module and provider, insert data

  • Hi all,

    I have the following issue:

    I want to insert data (from REST API) for one of my dynamic modules (I have created the model as fields and so on). Do I have to create a custom provider and with fluent api insert the data, what is the name of the provider which I have to override and what is the best practice for my issue as an idea?

    Thank you in advance :) 

  • If you are using Sitefinity version 10.x or greater you do not need to override anything as the Web Services out of the box are fully CRUD enabled, Under Admin > Web Services there are fully examples under the "Use in my app" link.  Here is an example using a customer module "Press Releases".


    If you need to insert content via the C# API there are fully code examples created right in the CMS for custom content.  

    Navigate to Admin > Module Builder

    From there select the module you want

    On the specific module page you will see at the bottom "Code Reference for {NAMEOFMODULE}"

  • Hi,

    Thank you a lot for the answer.

    How can I invoke the controller which has the logic for insert data?

    Do you mean that I don't have to use providers for my case, because I am searching for providers (for getting data from outside source/site)?

    Thank you again :)

  • My idea in steps:

    1) Create a module

    2) Create a controller or helper class with logic for getting the data an inserting in that module

    3) In global.asax will invoke that controller/class every time when the app starts

    Is there a better idea?

    Thanks people :)

  • you can directly use the sitefinity api for frontend

    Post : localhost/.../your_module_name

    Take refrence of news module api.tin.info/.../newsitem