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Use new masterpage for layout

  • Use new masterpage for layout
  • Hi,

    I just migrate from 3.7 to 4.3 and the result looks fine.
    However we just like to keep the content and the layout have to change.
    The old layout was based on a masterpage with three columns.
    The new layout is also based on three columns just other divs container had changed and the size of the columns.

    My problem is that the design is completly destroyed when I change the page template of the migrated sites.
    New size I can create fine with the new page template but when I've to do anything new the migration was useless ...

    So how can I change the page templates without losing my contenct?


  • Andre,

    Are you using asp contentPlaceHolders? If so, make sure the contentPlaceholders in your new Masterpage have the same ID as the ones in your old page. I've had no problem swtiching from an old design template to a newer one, so long as these match.
  • Hello Craig,

    the contentplaceholder ids are the same I just changed the name of some div classes to have unique names.
    The main thing I changed are colors and div positions.