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Sitefinity Internal Build 6.0.4267 available for download

  • Sitefinity Internal Build 6.0.4267 available for download
  • Hi all,

    This is to let you know that Sitefinity Internal Build 6.0.4267 is available for download on this link. The build contains improvements in the Navigation Widget planned for the July release:

    • Template driven Navigation – based on templates editable from the Backend
    • Simplified HTML markup – removed RadControls and unnecessary elements created by them
    • Kendo Menu support – utilizes the feature rich Kendo Menu by Telerik
    • Responsive Transformations – support for the most widely used menu transformations to dropdown list and to toggle menu

    For more details and instructions on how to use the new features, download Navigation Instructions (PDF).

    We look forward to seeing your feedback and comments in the forum.

    Sitefinity Team

  • Kali,

    I think the fact that Sitefinity is giving developers more control and cleaning up the HTML is awesome. My one concern with this new navigation widget being based on kendo is regarding SEO. If the navigation is loaded in via JavaScript and doesn't exist in the DOM upon initial page load, crawlers will not see it. Does Sitefinity already have a plan for addressing the SEO implications?


  • Hi Chris,
    You have a valid  concern which has been addressed in the implementation. The navigation is rendered in the HTML DOM and Kendo Menu decorates on top of it.

    We look forward to receiving any additional feedback you might have.
    - Kali
    Sitefinity Team