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Sitefinity 6.2 Inline Editing Preview

  • Sitefinity 6.2 Inline Editing Preview
  • Dear all,

    We would like to give you some preview of the Inline Editing feature planned for Sitefinity 6.2.
    The purpose of this functionality is to improve the editing experience by allowing users to modify content directly on the page without logging to the backend.  We will improve the existing Browse end Edit by making the interaction even more direct and intuitive. The new Kendo UI WYSIWYG editor will be used to that end.

    For first hand experience, see the original wireframes.
    For a preview on the wireframes, see this video.

    We look forward to hearing your requirements and needs in regards to this feature.

    • In what scenarios do you think users opt for inline editing versus going to the backend?
    • When editing content on a page, how do you expect to save updates - make numerous edits and apply all changes at once, or publish each content item individually?

    Alpha build for this feature will be announced later today in forum Internal Builds.

    We look forward to receiving your feedback.

    Sitefinity Team

  • My sites have quite a lot of user driven content. My events are sent in by my community audience and since these are not typical administrators/editors I often end up duplicating backend functionality like create/modify event pages, create/modify dynamic module pages. If I had the option to use this new inline editor to keep some users who have create/edit permissions but not associated with a backend role that would be extremely helpful.

    As for your two questions, my admins have really decided against using the inline editing feature at all because of the current limitations. If they do use it, it's to modify incorrect titles or something like that. From looking at the wireframes I like the idea of each change saving as soon as it loses focus. If I click on the blog title, change it, and then click on the blog description, save the title.
  • I have a problem with group pages

  • Hi Markus,
    Thanks for reporting this problem. It was logged and will be fixed for the coming release.