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Sitefinity Alpha Build 6.1.4660 available with preview of Inline Editing

  • Sitefinity Alpha Build 6.1.4660 available with preview of Inline Editing
  • Hi all,

    This is to let you know that Sitefinity Alpha Build 6.1.4660 is available for download on this link. The build contains the first iteration of the Inline Editing Feature for Sitefinity 6.2.

    The following options are available:

    • Inline editing of Short and Long text fields in: Content blocks, News, Blog posts, List, Dynamic Modules
    • Inline editing of Yes/No and Choices fields in Dynamic Modules

    Know issues:

    • Inline editing is not working on the home page if the page URL is skipped. For example http://localhost/home is working while http://localhost/ is throwing an exception.
    • Editing List title is not working
    • Social share buttons markup in content blocks is saved as value of the content block
    • Content blocks in page templates are not editable
    • Pages without template cannot be edited (exception is thrown)

    For more details and preview of the Inline Editing feature, visit this forum post.

    Let us know what you think of this first iteration!
    We look forward to seeing your feedback and comments.

    Sitefinity Team

  • Kali,

    Definitely cool progress! I love the direction it's going. I feel like we need a stronger integration between Sitefinity and the inline editing feature altogether. Here are a few things I would like to see:

    • Insert Link / Insert Image use Sitefinity's image and link dialogs instead of a simple "Insert URL" textbox
    • Replace the backend HTML Editor with Kendo's Editor. Sitefinity's editor has some HTML issues (try creating a bulleted list in SF HtmlEditor. It will add spans and line-heights to your HTML). If this new Kendo editor was used sitewide, that would be awesome.
    • Add a HTML view to the inline editor
    • Interesting bug: Highlight your selection and try to bold it. Doesn't work.
    • Interesting bug: Create two paragaphs of content. Put your cursor in the first paragraph. Now highlight the second paragraph and attempt to indent it. It doesn't listen to your highlighted selection. Indents the first paragraph instead.

    What I love about this new editor is how it renders the HTML. Everything is clean and semantic. Good work!
  • Hi Kali,

    How do we get access to this build? I get a 403 error when I click on the download link.  


  • Hi Randy,
    I enabled access for your account. Please, try again and let me know if you have problems.Apologies for the inconvenience! I look forward to reviewing your feedback.
  • Hi Chris,
    thanks for the detailed report and for taking the time to record videos for us. Much appreciated! My responses are below:
    • Insert Link/Image - will be replaced with Sitefinity dialogues similar to the ones in the backend;
    • Replacing the backend HMTL editor with Kendo is in the plans. However, we are not sure it will be ready for version 1.
    • HTML view will be added to the editor - nice catch!
    • The bugs will be resolved .

    Thanks again for taking the time to provide helpful feedback.
    Sitefinity Team