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Sitefinity 6.2 Dashboard Preview

  • Sitefinity 6.2 Dashboard Preview
  • @Mark
      I'll provide some widgets to pull in disqus there if we *CAN* do that...

  • +52 for ERROR LOG
  • Dear all,

    We would like to give you some preview of the Dashboard improvements planned for Sitefinity 6.2.

    Currently, Sitefinity Dashboard is a page with static content containing mainly of resource and documentation references. Our idea is to bring dynamic content to the dashboard, and empower users to personalize it per their needs. The first iteration focuses on content.

    The following widgets will be available on the Sitefinity Dashboard, in order of priority:


    • Analytics timeline – displays the Google Analytics Timeline report with option to change the metric. The default is “New visits”
    • Recent items – displays the last modified content. Can be filtered by content type, content status, or user/editor.
    • Recent Comments – displays the latest comments. Can be filtered by content type of the associated content, content status, or owner of the associated content.
    • Pending tasks – displays all content in workflow status waiting for user action.


    • Recent forum posts – displays the latest forum posts. Can be filtered by forum, posts status, or user/editor.
    • Recent form responses – displays the latest form responses. Can be filtered by Form.
    • Scheduled items – displays the latest comments. Can be filtered by content type of the associated content, content status, or owner of the associated content.

     In section Backed Pages the administrator can modify the Dashboards using the widgets above. Using the filter options, he can create reports such as : “My content” (“Recent items” filtered by user), “Recent pages” (“Recent items” filtered to show only Pages), etc.

    For a preview, see the wireframes on this link. (use Mozilla FireFox or Chrome for optimal view)

     We look forward to seeing Your requirements in regards to this feature.

    • In your experience, what are the most useful reports to have on the dashboard?
    • What are the most often requested customization of the Dashboard that you’ve received?
    • What portion of your projects have Approval Workflows (which is a prerequisite for the Pending tasks report)?

     Do let us know of your thoughts!

    Sitefinity Team

  • By "empower users to personalize it per their needs" - do you mean that each user will be able to customize the dashboard for themselves?
  • Very excited about this! The content widgets look very useful. As the admin, I'd like to have some sort of indicator if there is a newer version of Sitefinity available, definitely not visible to everyone though.

    Most of my sites use Steve's disqus widgets, so I would echo what he said above.

    Will the widget designers allow for Dynamic type selection for pending tasks/recent activity?
  • Hi some more ideas to add into the mix:

    1. Error log notification
    2. Number of users online
    3. Ecommerce sales per day/ week
    4. Quick create - Create news, Create Blog Post, Create Event
    5. Marketplace widget - view the latest or best widgets from the marketplace

  • Wow how original :)
  • They are widgets like on a standard page right?...we can add\remove as needed?  Like for those of us on Disqus, the "Recent Comments" would always be blank :)

  • Hi all, and thanks for the valuable comments!
    Please, find my responses below:

    @Steve: Yes, these will be like the standard widgets only that those will be applied to Backend pages. Developers will be able to add their custom widgets. Documentation will be provided on that.

    @Craig: Customization of the dashboard by users is in the plans but will be done in the next iteration. As of now, admins will be the ones who can customize dashboards. They will be able to add new dashboards and limit access per user role, much like this is done for every Sitefinity page.

    @ Mark:
    1. Notifications for new Sitefinity release will be considered in the next iteration where we will focus on dashboards tailored to different users groups, and Admin dashboard will be part of that.
    2.Adding custom widgets will be possible.
    3.Yes, filtering by Content Types will be available and Dynamic types fall in that category.

    @ Rehan:
    1. Error log notification  seems to be a popular request. We will give it a thought.
    2. Number of users online – I assume you mean users browsing the public site. Is that right?
    3. Ecommerce sales per day/ week – we have this in mind for the next iteration.
    4. Quick create –Admin can easily add this by dropping a Content Block to the Dashboard and inserting links to the Create page
    5. Marketplace widget - nice idea! Will check how we can make this integration.

    On the error log – a possible solution is to display the trace.log file here. However, this file will be different for the two nodes when in NLB scenario.  Do you think this is a critical shortcoming of this approach? What details do you expect to see in the error log?

    Thanks again, and keep the good ideas coming :) 

    -          Kalina

  • Looking good

    a) I would place the content that needs work on the left side (reading left to right) (Also would like the gray bar all the same width :-)) News, Blgospot, Image
    b) I would add SEO problems to be worked on I use woorank to give me a short overview. Just the simple stuff that a user could work on.
         - pages without description
         - pages with very short or long titles    
         - images without alt title
    c) Page count for SBE and the languages maybe for SE (German 100 pages, English 30 pages, Frenfch 40 pages) given an overview that some stuff is not translated
    d) Admin might want to see who is logged in for eddiging.
    e) Log who was logged in when 
    f) Notification possibility. Site will be updated, offline and so on from admin to users

  • Hi Markus,
    Replies are below:
    a) Will send your feedback to our designers. You will be able to customize the placement and styles in this section in a way this is done for any backend page
    b) On SEO focused filters - we are thinking of having a Custom filter widget where administrators can enter their custom filter expressions and filter content in any way they want. Scenarios as the ones you describe can be handled in this way.
    c) Will be logged for the next iteration.
    d,e) User related stats seems to be a popular request. However, we will not have the time to focus on users in the first version.This will be considered for the next updated
    f) We are thinking of using something like Content blocks in which administrators can enter their announcements. The announcement will show to all user with an option to close (by clicking on X). Once closed this announcement will not show to the user any more. When the administrator publishes announcement it will start showing to all users once again.

    Thanks for the feedback! It was very helpful,
    - Kalina
  • Went through some old post of oct 2011 with dashboard ideas. 

    - New Submitions to forms might be an idea

    Some of the suff got implemented after 2 years some I am still waiting on, but good thing come to those who wait. And waiting for each release was worth it every time.

    Thanks for simply the best CMS there is.

  • Hi Markus,
    and thanks for reminding us of your list. All three requests on the Dashboard are in our plans.
    The first iteration will include "Pages waiting for Approval" for sure.
    The implementation of the other two will come in the near future as well.

    We thank you for your continuous support!
    - Kalina

  • Hi Steve and Markus,
    There was a bug which caused the pages backend to load as a starting page when Project Manager is used to run sites.
    It is solved now.