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Sitefinity 6.2 Internal Build Available for Download

  • Sitefinity 6.2 Internal Build Available for Download
  • Hi all,

    Internal preview of Sitefinity 6.2 is available for download on this link.
    *** Update: added alternative download link from dropbox to address cases with problematic download.

    This build contains major improvement in Page editing and publishing performance in the backend. We are kindly asking for your assistance in testing projects upgrades.

    More on what we did

    We focused on optimizing the number of database operations when opening for edit and publishing a page. The achieved results are great, decreasing in some cases the number of DB inserts/deletes more than 10 times. This ultimately leads to very improved speed, including the case when multiple users work simultaneously in the pages backend.
    To achieve this we did a lot of refactoring and improvements in the page publishing code and the pages persistent model. Also, on the 6.2 upgrade we are executing a clean-up procedure which additionally optimizes the storage of pages – and in some cases removes up to 80% of the stored data – which was used inefficiently.

    How you can help 

    Even though we performed very comprehensive testing of real-world projects for possible regressions and upgrade problems, it will be of a great help if you can help us at this stage and do some test upgrades with this 6.2 alpha release.
    We want to make sure we are not missing some specific for you project and you have a flawless experience once you decide to upgrade to the official 6.2.

    Please, focus on the following problems:

    1)    After the upgrade passes please check UpgradeTrace. Log for any Fail messages
    2)    After the upgrade passes please check Error. Log for any Fail messages
    3)    Please check that your pages look ok – the widgets are there , are not misplaced or broken
    4)    Please check that you can open, edit and publish successfully a single page
    5)    If you find something out of order – please reply to this forum thread – also we might contact you to get more details or your project and test locally.

    Important Note: Please note that this build is for review purposes
    only. Upgrades from it to next versions will not be supported.

    We look forward to receiving any feedback you might have.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

    Sitefinity Team
  • Busted link, still uploading, or permissions?
  • Gets to 50mb and breaks. The 6.1 SP2 download link is also broken, only downloads 8mb.
  • Steve and Mark,
    I uploaded a new file and updated the download link. Please let me know if the problem persists. Could be the case as I am not sure what caused the problem to start with.

  • Would this help with an issue that we've always had where we cannot go into backend pages on sitefinity or publish pages during our peak traffic times.  It causes our site to crash.  We think it had to do with it causing the app pool to recycle while we have numerous live connections pulling market data.  THis happened even when just working with content blocks before puiblishing.
  • Where should we be registering problems, or should I just send you the project?
  • okay so for me eComm update failed, but I got it re-registered, needed some assembly bindings and things

    But WOW page publishing appears fast so fast I can't even see the loading icon.

    Just blinks quick then i'm navigating back to /Pages

    (Sidenote: could you show in light grey the Full Path the page on that pages dash widget)...I think you do the same on a Page search.  Some of the names I'm seeing are just too generic to know where they are located.
  • WebAPI as blogged here breaks because a route for "defaultapi" has been declared by sitefinity somewhere in this release. Changing the name fixes it, but there might be a significant amount of people with this now.

  • @Mark
      It seems webapi is being used for the inline editing?

    Anyway @Kali...I have a weird one where my inline editing rest call 404s, so I can't activate it.
  • Hi Kali,

    I can't download at all, I only receive a 500 server error.


    Edit, all working for now me now...
  • cf521a87-4cb5-6f77-96ac-ff0000ae3c70_page.png
  • @Kalina
      The only widget on the dash right now shows what...recent content?  In the site I migrated we have a few pages which have similar names (like "Browse" or "Detail"), it'd be nice to get just a bit more detail on those...
  • @Mark
    I was wondering the same thing, WebAPI is the fancy new guy on the block...but real world perf tests...I mean...clearly it's a better choice
  • Hi all, and thanks for the quick follow-up.

    @Randy - the new release should solve this case. It would be of great help if you could upgrade your project and let us know if you encounter any issues.

    @Steve - you can report the problems here so that others can see them as well. As to the project, please, send it over email.
    eEcommerce upgrade problem will be investigated.
    "could you show in light grey the Full Path the page on that pages dash widget"  - I am not quite sure what you mean. Please, elaborate.
    For the inline editing rest calls 404, we are using service stack services, and the following portion should be added to the webconfig:
      <!-- SERVICE STACK-->
      <location path="Sitefinity/Restservices">
            <add path="*" type="ServiceStack.WebHost.Endpoints.ServiceStackHttpHandlerFactory, ServiceStack" verb="*"/>
        <!--Required for IIS7-->
          <modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true"/>
          <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false" />
            <remove name="ServiceStack.Factory" />
            <add path="*" name="ServiceStack.Factory" type="ServiceStack.WebHost.Endpoints.ServiceStackHttpHandlerFactory, ServiceStack" verb="*" preCondition="integratedMode" resourceType="Unspecified" allowPathInfo="true" />
      <!-- END SERVICE STACK-->

    @Mark - we will investigate the porblem with WebAPI and follow-up if we need more info .

    Thanks again for your valuable feedback!