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Custom URL for Pages (Sitefinity 6.3)

  • Custom URL for Pages (Sitefinity 6.3)
  • Hi all,
    In the next Sitefinity Version we will implement a the possibility to set a Custom URL for a page which is not dependent on the Site Structure. Description of the feature is below. Any questions or comments are welcome.


    Wireframes: on this link


    As a user working with pages deep into the hierarchy, I want to be able to change the default URL of the page to a custom url structure, so that it doesn’t depend on the hierarchy in the sitemap.

    Use Case:
    I have the following page hierarchy:
        page 1
           page 2
              page 3
    Automatically, the default url of page 2 is: ~/page1/page2/  and the default url of page 3 is: ~/page1/page2/page3
    I want to be able to make the default ULR of page 2: “ ~/XYZ/page23 ”
    In this case:
    •    changes to the URL of page1 no longer affect the URL of page2, and
    •    the automatic URL of page 3 becomes: ~/XYZ/page23/page3”  

    Uniqueness of custom URLs

    When I change the default URL of a page to be custom, and that URL coincides with another one in the site map, I should see a warning, and the change should not be applied.


    I should be able to replace a custom page URL with another custom page URL.  I expect the old URL to continue working with a 301 redirect to the new one. It should also show in section Additional URLs.

    Switching Back to Automatic URL

    As a user working with custom I should see option to Restore the default URL structure. When I use this option, the page URL will be recreated based on the page hierarchy.
    Use Case: There is page 2 with custom URL “~/XYZ/page32”. When I restore to the default structure, it will become: “~/page1/page3/page3” – the hierarchy and urls will be taken from page hierarchy.
  • Excited about this feature. From a marketing perspective this will be very helpful!
  • That's a great fix. What would be a really useful feature is to create a URL Rewrite Module, which would allow admins to manage redirects across the whole site. The redirect would be regardless of the requested URL is a page, media, doc, etc or exists at all as a Sitefinity resource. Currently, we are constantly having to install/use IIS's rewrite module in the web.config or

    Here's a great WordPress plugin for illustration of this:
  • I like this, adds more flexibility to what we can do in the UI without custom code
  • Sorry to ask - but could I not simply enable multiple URL and add ~/whatever 

    At least this is how I do it today.

    There surely would be other stuff on my wishlist :-(


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  • Hi Markus,
    Additional URLs are a workaround but not the best solution, because:
    >> the default url shown in links and navigation continues to be the default one
    >> the additional url redirects to the default url which is not optimal from SEO perspective
  • Hi all, and thanks for the feedback!

    Basem, including an URL Rewrite Module is a popular request and we might consider it for the coming release. To raise it priority, you can vote on PITS here:

    Regards, Kali