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Custom Fields for Pages

  • Custom Fields for Pages
  • @Kali
      Is this a UI to wrap the existing attributes?

    Or are they real custom fields?
  • Hi all,  
    Below is a video preview of “Custom Fields for Pages” showing how you can relate a short text field to a pages and use it in navigation:

    We will be adding option to associate an asset field (images, vides, files) to pages as well.
    Let us know of your scenarios in regards to this feature!
    Sitefinity Team

  • Hi Kali,

    this is a very good idea.
    Is there also an option to add the asset fields to the general content types like News, Events, BlogPosts, .... ?
    Can you also add the following Custom-Field-types to all content types:
    - PageSelector (Internal and External link)
    - Library Selector (Images, Documents)

    Kind Regards
  • As custom fields for pages are currently being developed for the next sitefinity release, this will be the needed UI that will support the Custom Fields for Pages feature. The same one you find for the other static content types like News, Events, Images etc..
  • Hi and thanks for the delayed reply:

     I confirm that these are real custom fields :) They will not wrap the existing attributes.

    In 7.0 asset fields will be added to the general content types: News, Events, etc.
    Page and Library Selectors will be postponed for the next release.

  • @Kali
      I like this, defiantly :) ...but why did we spend time implementing attributes to then backtrack and do real custom fields...or??

    Were attributes not cutting it, or we solved the custom fields slowness, or...

    I was under the assumption there'd just be a custom fields-like UI to wrap the attributes.

    Know what I mean?
  • Hi Steve and Gilles,

    Page Custom Fields are more powerful than page attributes in that they support: multilingual content, linking to taxonomies (categories, tags), and ability to relate to other dynamic content (coming in 7.0). Overtime, everything which can be done with custom fields in the other modules, will be possible in
    Pages as well.

    Page attributes are suitable for simple scenarios. They were introduced as a short term solutions for all clients who didn’t want to wait for custom fields in 7.0.

    I hope that answered your concern. Let me know if you have more questions.

  • I did not install the latest version to try myself, but does the following page means the feature is already live?