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Exclude Pages from SiteFinity Search

  • Exclude Pages from SiteFinity Search
  • Hello Everyone,

    We are in the process of evaluating the feature request, to have the option of excluding pages from Sitefinity search as requested in the following post (feedback.telerik.com/.../99998-option-to-exclude-page-from-internal-sitefinity-search-and-not-from-external-sea).

    1. Could you please give a specific example, where you would exclude a page from SiteFinity search?  
    2. Do you need to exclude specific content items, such as a document or for instance a news item? It would be helpful if you can give an example on how it would be used.

    Thank you in advance.

  • I think being able to exclude certain libraries from the document index would be great. I know there are workarounds but it's a bit clunky and cumbersome at the moment.
  • Well in the past it used to be the case that all pages and content were indexed regardless of the rights. This lead to two things:

    • Documents you had no rights to view would show an extract in the search result - later an this type is not served
    • Page were indexed as well with the same result if I remember correct. So if you had certain pages locked down for a role  the pages would still get indexed and then again if found would display an error when you tried to click it.
    Trying to answer your questions

    1) Why exclude pages

    • You might have a ton of pages that have the same word/term on if for which you know someone would search. So you want to exclude some of them so the search results would be less and better suites. Kind of giving you control over it.You might have 10 Pages for an BMW X5 but want the client to find the landing page of the BMW X5 only (cars again :-))
    • Maybe you have some pages that have kind of an intranet/extranet status for a certain group. So you might want to exclude all these pages from the internal search engine
    2) Exclude specific content
    • Yes especially documents that you want to show only to certain roles. They if I am not mistaken are still indexed and show an extract on the search results.
    Maybe it would be nice if we could use the categories and tags to filter search indexes  so we could narrow our search down.

    And while you are at it - I really think that as google does the description of the page should be shown as default in the search result.


  • 1) Permissioned pages...or development pages...don't want anything indexed.
    2) Like others have said...documents which are protected, or if I have widgets on a page permissioned based on role...
    3) Base property needs to be added to all SF controls (...in the base class) to ExcludeFromSearchIndex so we can determine on a control level if the controls on that page should be included in search.  Right now it's something you have to remember to do\implement in all custom controls...but like has so many uses.  Like lets say my footer has an sfContentBlock in it...I dont want that indexed on every page.  So I can edit it, set that property to False, and be on my way.  Or (right now) have to bloody edit my masterpage, set the footer to runat=server then hide the thing on search...thats annoying and impractical.

    Like it all stems from SF exposing protected content to users.  Sure they can't download the document, but they can see an excerpt from it right...and if that's a TEST??
  • 1) My group will frequently create a page with a form on it that they send out via email for certain people to fill out. They do not want the page locked down, but don't want just anyone filling out the form either (which happens when people search for text included on the page). 
    2) If a specific form could be excluded at design time that would be great as well
  • Thanks!

    Hey, can I get one more quick from ya?...can you modify the search widget itself to use a LinkButton instead of a Button?...makes it harder to style when the clickable element itself doesn't support nested elements.

    So like we can't do this....because <input can't contain anything
      <i class='fa fa-search'></i>
  • +1 for LinkButton instead of the Button
  • Hello again,

    The feedback has been valuable, thank you. We plan to implement the following currently:

    1. Provide a new option called “Allow SiteFinity search engines to index this page”, on the advanced options of a page.
    2. Widgets will receive the same option as pages. Please let us know if additional widgets types need the feature. We will also make exclude content on navigation widgets, by default.

    A roadmap for SiteFinity 7.1 is currently being planned, with search improvements as a key focus. Features to be considered for the release are:

    1. Documents should be excluded from search results for a person, when the person does not have permissions to view the content.
    2. Provide permissions on document libraries, which need to also be considered in searches.
    3. Categories and tags should be considered in search results.
    4. Description of the page should be shown with the search results, using Google search results as an example.

    Your feedback is again welcome, including BMW examples :-)

    Best Regards
  • ...perhaps also an enhancement or 2 ton the backend search grid itself?  

    Columns for:
    Percentage complete \ Status
    Index Last Updated
  • Hi Steve,

    I will make a note to consider the button change and review of the grid columns for the 7.1 release.

    Best Regards
  • @Charl

    Sorry, can we also create a search index based on a node?  Like from a subset of pages based on a parent?

     Usecase: We have an entire section of the site protected...so we want the public to search the site for content (keeping all protected stuff private)...but then we also want people logged into this other section to be able to search content *JUST* in there....so not site-wide.

  • Hi Steve,

    I have added it to the list for consideration.

    Best Regards


  • Charl,

    What about Search results per site when using the multi-site module?  Or, scoping search results per language?

    I just noticed this the other day that you can choose which content types you want to index, but you cannot scope indexes by site or language.  Thoughts?


  • Hi Craig,

    Your explanation makes sense and I have added it to the list for consideration during a future release.

    Best Regards