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Duplication of Content Types

  • Duplication of Content Types
  • Hello Everyone,

    We are in the process of evaluating a new feature, which will assist in duplicating content. We have some initial questions to start with: 

    1. Which of the content items do you need to duplicate on the sites you have? Specific examples will help us in scoping the feature if you can provide some.
    2. Could you please give examples on how you would duplicate content, from dynamic modules?
    3. Are there any considerations with a specific content type you may have?

     Your comments and ideas are welcome :-)

  • We have academic sessions here...like events, but we need them to be custom where the events module just wont work.

     Anyway, so every year we have to manually duplicate the sessions as they come up again....like same everything with a different date\time....maybe couple other changes.  So duplicating with the UI would be nicer.


  • Dear Charl

     I would like to be able to duplicate content from my module builder moduls like you duplicate pages.

     I had once or twice the request if stuff could be copied over from one page to another but don't see the urgent need to have this implemented.


  • Hi Charl,

    1. The most requested content items that to be able to duplicate are: events, forms, dynamic content items, and content blocks. But to be honest it would be good if there was just consistency throughout the system - on the actions menu of any content item, page or form there was a "duplicate" function that would be great.

    2. Currently I have done some hacking to solve this and have added my own "duplicate" to the actions menu of selected modules. What I would do is create the content with a "copy of" title and put it into draft mode.

     3. No considerations I can think of.



  • Hi,

    Thank you for the feedback! 

    We have a number of fields for events to consider. Would you consider all fields needs to be duplicated except for the date or should a limited number of fields be copied?

    Best Regards


  • Hi,

    I vote for  (in this order) pages, content blocks, news, events. My opinion is to duplicate as a whole with a kind of alert (if relevant): "This (page, content, news item, event etc.) already exist, please provide a new name!" (or something similar).

    I a real life scenario (with other CMS that I use) I have this kind of usage: I have several representations of a theater that are saved as events (and grouped by month). Each month I have to copy a representation from a previous month to current one (multiple occurrence can occur in a month) and the CMS copy the whole item and prevent me if I already have one with a same name


  • I have implemented a cloning feature in our custom modules, it basically created a new content item based on an existing one. The only thing it changes is the title (adds " - copy" to it), the url (to avoid url duplication) and the status (the new items starts as draft). This works amazing for us as we have some very complex content types and its so much easier to clone them and just make a few changes.

    The problem is that we're currently looking into migrating out of custom modules and into dynamic modules and I'm now concerned that we won't be able to clone items anymore. I'm pretty sure the business users will be very disappointed about this.

    Also, let me know if u guys would like more details on how I implemented this on our custom module. FYI, I added a "clone" option under the "Actions" menu in the grid list/view page.

  • 67404f1e-37c1-6deb-a958-ff0000446526_cloning_custommodule-zip.png

    I used a similar solution as detailed in this blog post: 


    Steps under "2. Adding a new Action command in the individual Content item Actions menu")

    The only difference was that I did this in a custom module that we created. Attached is are some files that you may find useful. PS: I renamed the file to .png just so I could post here, but this is a zip.

  • Hi Wagner,

    It sounds from your explanation that the cuctom functionality, is the same we will release for 7.1. Could you give us more details, for instance a scenario on how the duplicate works currently? It will be helpful, if you explain how the functionality works in terms of technical considerations as well. We will use this information to understand, if the custom functionality will be affected by the release.

    Do you intend to participate in the beta testing for 7.1?

    Best Regards


  • Hi Wagner,

    The functionality planned,  covers your use case and you should be able to use it.

    Best Regards