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Duplicate a Page Between Sites

  • Duplicate a Page Between Sites
  • Hello Everyone,

    Duplication of pages between sites in multi-site mode is currently being considered for a future release. Different cases to use the option are listed and your feedback would be appreciated. 

    1. Standard page duplication. Do you consider dependent pages, when making a copy of a specific page? 
    2. Duplicate a group page. Would there be a case, where you only duplicate the group page without the dependent pages?  
    3. Do you have specific considerations with multi-lingual pages?

    Please let us know if there are additional scenarios to be considered.

    Thank you in advance.
  • I would love this feature!  I currently have four sites in my multi-site, and all are related to the master site.  Being able to duplicate pages between the master, and the multi-sites would be great, if for nothing else to put fresh content up when the other sites forget.  When we duplicate pages currently, any dependent pages are not considered, generally it is just the content on that page that is needed.
    If I was to replicate a group page, it would certainly need the dependent pages as well.
    I don't have any opinion on multi-lingual, considering we have enough issues with English.

  • Currently working on a multi site that means at certain times in the year particular content needs to move from one domain to another, this feature could be useful for that (currently just using url rewrites and multiple domains pointing at one site).