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Sitefinity 7.0 Beta 3

  • Sitefinity 7.0 Beta 3
  • This is to let you know that Sitefinity 7.0 Beta 3 is available for download on this link. In addition to what was announced in Beta 1 and Beta 2, this build also contains:

    Ability to migrate a singles site installation to a multisite instance

    This feature is suitable for clients who have a few Sitefinity single sites and wish to unite them in one multisite installation in order to reuse content and ease the maintenance.
    Please, try to migrate your site and let us know if you encounter problems so that we can fix them in time for the official release coming in a week.

    Instructions are below:


    The existing Staging and Synching functionality is used to migrate sites.


    1.Upgrade the single site (source) you want to migrate to the latest Sitefinity version (7.0). Upgrade instructions are in this post. In section “Modules&Services” make sure that module “Staging and Syncing” is activated.

    2.Install the multisite instance (target) to which you want to migrate and ensure it is on the same version as the source (7.0). In section “Modules&Services” make sure that modules “Multisite” and “Staging and Syncing” are activated.

    3.On the target create a site (microsite) to which you want to migrate.

    4.Make sure that the same modules are installed on the source site and the target microsite.

    5.If the single site has multiple languages, add the same languages on the target microsite, including the same default language.


    1.On the source site, go to Administration> Staging & Synching, and add a connection to the Server with the multisite installation.

    2.Select the target microsite where data will be sent.

    3.Specify “Site name” which will be used in the names of the new providers created during on the target during migration.


    1.In section “What data do you want to sync?” click on button “Load all data for synching”

    2.Select the data you want to migrate. Make sure that all Users are Roles are selected the first time.

    3.Click on “Sync now”

    All selected data will be migrated to the target.

    Post migration

    Browse the target microsite and check if the migrated data shows correctly.

    UPDATE: link to detailed documentation is on this link .

    Let us know if you encounter problems with the process above. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Sitefinity Team