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Related Content Improvements in 7.1

  • Related Content Improvements in 7.1
  • Hi all,

    We are starting to work on a list of improvements for Related Content for 7.1, and will be happy to hear your feedback/requirements.

    Here are the items we’ve identified so far:

    • Show some related items in a grid, per wireframe here (Hint: click on "6 Presentations")
      This will be very helpful in situations when relating to numerous items (>100),and showing them on the edit screen will be inconvenient.

      Also, it can be used for situations when in dynamic content, you want to relate to more than one child content type. Currently, this cannot be done. However, you’ll be able to achieve it with related content.

    • Display Prompt on deletion of items to which other item relate
    • Present sample of using related content with Custom Modules

    Please, share your thoughts on the wireframes above.
    What else do you consider a needed in Related Content?

     We look forward to hearing your ideas!

    Sitefinity Team

  • For Related Content associated with pages, automatic creation of widgets for display of the current page's related content would be nice. For example, if I associate "Related Photos" content to pages, then in my toolbox I would have a "Related Photos associated with page" widget available.

    An alternative would be to enhance the existing widgets so that you could choose to display images associated with the current page. For example, if I associate "Related Photos" to pages, then i could use the Image Gallery widget and choose "Images related to this page" for "Which images to display?"

  • I love that idea to show the related items!

  • we're still missing a couple of features in 7.0

     * Ability to relate MailingLists to items

    * Multi object relationships - eg Betty is Mayor of Townsville (User: Betty, Title: Mayor, Region: Townsville) where User, Title and Region are all content items.

     * Multiple types in a relationship - eg you can releate either a news or a blog article in the same field - I thought this was in the previews of 7.0 but I can't find it anywhere.

  • Also note that the module builder content export doesn't work very nicely with related fields (just puts '(collection)' in the cell).

  • @Kali, @betty brings up a good point...what about missing type selectors, like user pickers?  So like I can add a new USER related field to a content item (for example)

  • Also can't seem to relate content to forms - seems like a no brainer to add.

  • Hi all,

    and thanks for the valuable feedback and insights on Related Content!

    We've decided to put on hold the improvements in this area temporarily and focus on addressing the request for Having Multiple Child Types per Parent in Dynamic Modules (discussed here)

    Related Content improvements were rescheduled for the next Sitefinity 7.2 release so keep the ideas coming! We will by all means continue working on them

    Thanks again,


  • I know this feature has been put on hold but I would like to add two more items to the list for related content.

    1. Related content for users
    2. Related content for form entries



  • When is the release planned as it's look like current release items are finalized?

  • Hello Craig, 

    Thank you for your input. We will have your ideas in mind when we start the planning for some of our next releases.



  • Hi kamii47,

    Sitefinity 7.1. release is planned for the second half of July. We will have a Beta in the beginning of July.
    For updates and announcements related to releases you can follow this forum thread:


  • We need the ability to hide the Repeater (along with title of related content) if there is no content to display. At the moment we have to add an onprerender method to the Repeater in order to hide it, like so

    <asp:Repeater runat="server" DataSource='<%# Eval("RelatedPages") %>' OnPreRender="RelatedPages_PreRender">
              <div class="sfContentBlock"
                <h5>Related Pages</h5>
              <li><a href='<%# Telerik.Sitefinity.RelatedData.RelatedDataExtensions.GetDefaultUrl(Container.DataItem) %>'><%# Eval("Title") %></a></li>


  • @David

    You should just be able to use the Visible property if Count > 0...instead of a codebehind event