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Dynamic modules MVC widget with Razor templates

  • Dynamic modules MVC widget with Razor templates
  • Hi all,

    We are working on providing a new MVC based widget for the dynamic modules through the Feather project. Here's the plan and you're welcomed to provide feedback and questions.

    Feather project will concentrate on delivering a Sitefinity
    dynamic module widget based on the MVC/Razor technology providing automatically
    generated clean markup templates. The widget will be open source and will also
    be built with reusable elements that can be easily used in other custom

    The stock dynamic module widget will come with the following

    -     Automatically generated razor widget templates based on the
    dynamic content model

    -     List/detail mode with separate razor templates
    -     Support for hierarchical modules (design time and run time
    filtering(url based) by parent item)
    -     Supports filtering by taxonomies (design time and run time through
    -     Supports custom list mode (show a user picked (in design time) set
    of items in a list)
    -     Support filtering by date range
    -     Support sorting and paging
    -     We will also provide well documented infrastructure for rapid
    building of custom widgets that have similar functionality to the stock dynamic
    module widget.

     The reusable elements that we are going to provide gradually until
    mid-December are:

    1. Content Selectors that can be used in Feather widget designers or
    any angular based UI in Sitefinity

    o  Dynamic module content selector
    o  Pages selector
    o  Hierarchical taxonomy selector (categories) (single and multi
    - choice)
    o  Custom taxonomy selector (auto populated with all taxonomies used
    in a type including custom field taxonomies)
    o  All selectors will allow for multi-choice - e.g. can select more
    than one content item

    2. MVC Partial views and helpers

    o  For showing media fields
    o  For showing related data fields
    o  For showing hierarchical data

  • I would like 2 things

     1) Move the ContentDisplayMode out where it can be more easily set by a general user so they don't plop the widget on and get "Automatic" or something...

    2) Allow us to pick specific items to show in the list instead of the current filter options where it's just by taxa.  Our page editors don't know how do find Guids to create manual filter expressions to select only the items they want...and it sucks to bloat the taxonomy with tags for page display-only.

  • For selectors, please also consider one for Enums that automatically display as drop downs. We're still mourning over that from 3.7.