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Connector for SharePoint Online in Sitefinity 7.3

  • Connector for SharePoint Online in Sitefinity 7.3
  • Hi all,

    The coming Sitefinity 7.3 release will include a support for SharePoint Online in Sitefinity SharePoint Connector.

    If you have requirements regarding this implementation, now is the time to share.

    We look forward to seeing your replies,
    Business Analyst

  • A connector for MS-Dynamics CRM - is something for which I could be persuaded to part money with.

    We use on-premise Dynamics-CRM, and we've been looking at options to integrate its data into our website for customer access... but the idea never gets past the "how?" stage.

  • Hi MB

    Our CRM portal connector is exactly that.  It's the only solution that connects CRM to Sitefinity exclusively.  Creating CRM forms, grids of data, etc. can be done completely through the Sitefinity interface.  It has a very small footprint on CRM (only 4 custom entities) and we also have an awesome FetchXML builder as part of the platform for creating more complex grids and charts for your Sitefinity site.

    This video gives a good overview of the solution.

    And you can see all information including pricing and technical documentation at  Drop me a line if you have any questions