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Workflows per Site and Language

  • Workflows per Site and Language
  • Hi all,

    We are working to enable Multisite and Multilingual support in Workflows. With this functionality, users defining the scope of a workflow will be able to select Sites and Languages to which the workflow should apply. First version of the wireframes are on this link.

    We are curious to learn more about how the specific cases you have with Workflows on Multisite/Multilingual projects. Will you make use of the functionality we are planning? Do you have any additional requirements or comments?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    Kalina Maneva
    Sitefinity Team 

  • We could use the ability to just email someone on X publish like a "Hey, heads up"...not full workflow that out of scope for this UI? the UI, not hooking into coded events

     The use-case is that our editors are used to instant publish, don't want approvals...but we need to go in to validate any pages they uglify.

     ...couldn't hurt to ask :)

  • Wire-frames are looking right on target regarding site collections and languages.  Could you consider adding a starting sitemap node.  The ability to target sections of the site under a page group or parent page would take this all the way to where we need the functionality.  

    For example:  We have a custom section for our mobile site version under a page group.  Or we have sections of the site for user personas (patients and healthcare professionals); pages and content types that are specific to those areas of the site require specific workflows.

  • Hey kali,

      Another *wishlist* item know how it says there administrators can skip the workflow, is it possible to allow us to also define a role(s) that could also skip it.  Reason is we have trusted editors who should skip, but we dont want them having admin access to sitefinity...


  • Hi Kali,

    thank you. I have made various adjustments to the default *.xamlx workflow files (to trigger notifications for publishing event for particular content types) but these need to apply to individual sites and languages rather than globally. Will this programmatic use case be covered by your scenario as well?

    So far I didn't have the need to create a custom approval workflow using a UI but the wireframes you provided look sufficient.



    Edit: specifying the language of a site is also required. In one instance we need notifications be sent only on a particular language version of a site.
  • First and foremost, we are using a custom language lockout feature that restricts my users to edit or create content for the languages they have permission to use.  This needs to be an out-of-box feature as im concerned this might be affected by future upgrades. 

    Secondly, ability to have different workflows per multisite AND per language would be very useful. I have some experienced content editors which can post live information and other content editors which content needs to be approved.