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  • Hi all,

    We have been working on Forms support in MVC, which will bring in the following:

    • Option to select web framework when creating a new form (MVC or WebForms)
    • New Forms MVC widget 
    • MVC-based widgets for the form elements in the Form builder 
    • Layout grid widgets in the form builder as defined in the Feather resource package
    • Easy customization of form elements utilizing the Feather convention
    • API for RAPID development of custom form fields/elements


    The ultimate goal is to enable backend users to easily create forms, that leverage the look and feel of the MVC-developed website. Furthermore, developers will have full control over the markup of all form elements and be able to easily utilize the benefits of the UI framework in use.

    You will be able to play around with this functionality very soon in the upcoming Sitefinity 8.2 beta. So please have a look and give us your comments and suggestions. As always, your feedback is much appreciated and anticipated!

  • Looks great! I think with all the options you mention, we can deliver great forms.

    Bottleneck for myself with the current forms are the issues regarding styling, so I think that the fact that it is open-source, Feather based, will give us enough freedom.

    I'm sure we also can levarage the client components that are already available in Feather?

    Best regards,

  • @Mariush

      The only thing that scares me a bit here is the part about "Option to select framework when creating a new form"

    I do not want all :)  I want a backend config setting where I can set to to either or, I don't want a hodge-podge of both, and I certainly don't want anyone to make a webforms form when the site is 100% pure mvc.

    I get enough of "What's this MVC thing" as it is...


  • Hi,

     This seems like a very working and complete set of functionalities. Already looking to try them out!

    Here's no mention about the CRM integration features that can be enabled for the Forms based forms. Are they going to be supported later on or what's the status with them?


  • @Steve

    The option is buried in the advanced settings and the default for Feather-enabled instances will be "MVC", so it is very unlikely to result in users creating the wrong type of forms.

    Regardless of that, we like your suggestion and will squeeze in a global setting if time allows.



    We are making our best effort to have these completed before the release.