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Multi-page Forms

  • Multi-page Forms
  • In the upcoming Sitefinity 9.0 we will ship a major improvement to the Online forms functionality - multi-page forms. Basically, you will be able to do the following:

    • Split forms into multiple pages, keeping full control which element goes where
    • Next and Previous button on each page. The "Previous" button will show up only if configured
    • Common form header and footer section
    • Form navigation with configurable page name

    You'll be able to play with these features in the upcoming Sitefinity 9.0 beta. Please share your questions and comments!

  • This is exciting! 

    Okay so:

    1) Beta ETA
    2) Has anything changed with the backend UI really at all now, did you guys start from scratch, will our themes be loaded in finally, yada yada?
    3) Can forms be RESUMED?

  • Beta ETA? Or, even an ETA for the full release?

  • will that functionality also include validation on a per-page basis?