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  • Dear Kalina

    How about the Panelbar example where you have a top level menu with only 1 level

    - Home
    - Products
    - About us

    and the Subnavigation with Panelbar based upon the selection of the top level menu

    if Products is selected Panelbar show show

    - Product 1
       Prodcut  1 description
       Produckt 1 price
    - Product 2
       Product 2 description  
       Prodcuct 2 price

    Dont see an Panelbar Template - thought there was going to be one.

  • The improved thumbnail support is a nice start. I posted some extra ideas in PITS for the image library, they are also stated below::

    When defining an new object type:
    - Make it possible tot define a default library specifically for an object so that f.e. when a user creates a news object he only gets / can select news images from the news images library

    When defining a library
    - RESOLVED IN 6.1: Make it possible to set one or more sizes for a picture per libary, so f.e. news can have 3 size formats
    - Make it possible to set resizing on upload automatically (3 type in 6,1) OR set it to manually >>per format size<<

    When uploading a picture
    - Per size: when automatically resize the picture conform the settings by Stuart (6.1) or else show a popup to resize (new)

    When changing a picture
    - Keep the original so a resized image can be changed. Also let the user change autogenerated pictures with a resize popup.

    When using an image in HTML
    - Keep references to the (resized) images so the can't be deleted. When saving HTML make a link between the picture selected and the object containing the HTML so an (resized) image cannot be deleted.

    Keep up the good work!

  • This post is regarding the ecommerce dependent variation addition in this update.

    Problems I have personally found with my project so far after upgrading to 6.1:
    - A lot of backend caching issues when moving in and out of variation changes and product management. It seems to not update appropriately for user in backend after making a variation or product change. These caching problems I have only seen after upgrading project to 6.1
    - Front end out of the box widget tends to show all attributes under a category even if variations don't include all attributes on system. This becomes a problem when you have thousands of products that are not uniformly using all the attributes you add under a certain "department" or "type".
    -The first Front End dropbox under product details always glitches out after a option is picked, it posts back without the other options that particular drop down should have.

    I will continue to play with this update. Let me know if my experienced issues here don't reflect everyone else's experience with it.

  • @James,
      You're doing better than we are...product detail pages just outright 404 on us.  Had a ticket in for a day or so, still no answer.

  • Hello James,
    thanks for the feedback.

    The first issue you experiencing should be fixed on the final version. At least we are not able to reproduce it using Firefox, Chrome, or IE 9+ can you give us some information with what browser did you experienced this backend caching issue ? Thanks.

    About the second issue it is by design. Currently we cannot know how and which of your attributes may or may not be in use in order to really handle all possibilities we will make the product details page on front end very slow. Because of that we are always showing all visible attributes for this specific product types and we are filtering the attribute values only showing the ones which exists in variation. The reason why we did it like that is because the case with no value specified value is a valid case. For example you may have several shirts with different sizes and colors. But for clothes for pregnant women you want to leave the size empty. So because of that in the upgrade instruction it is said that you have to merge manually all your variations and remove unused attributes because they will be shown on the frontend (and backend) :

    Third issue : by design there is no automatic population or anything like that for the "other" options. Ones you select something in the first options the other options are refilled and only the possible variations are visible from then on, but nothing is preselected even if there is only a single possible option value.

  • Hello Nayden,

    First Caching Issue: First of all the caching issues I am experiencing are taking place on Windows 7 (64 bit) OS using Internet Explorer version 10.0.9200.16635. To explain further about what I am experiencing I will say this. For example, I will add a variation by clicking the “Create a variation” button on backend under a certain product. I will pick the values of the attributes and select a SKU and additional charge. I then finalize the variation by clicking “Create this variation” button again. The backend then takes me back to the variations screen for that product, although, the new variation I just created does not show up until I refresh the page… That is why I believe it is a caching issue, it may also be a DB query issue. Sometimes it takes multiple refreshes for the backend to reflect what it should. This kind of issue also happens when adding attributes or values to attributes. The backend just doesn’t seem to be acting appropriately. Maybe the problem is my project specific, although, I doubt it.

    Second Attribute Visibility Issue: One thing I noticed is that all attributes used on a product would be accessible on product detail view of the product list widget. I am not sure it would take too long to run a query on all attributes used in a specific product, IE: Look through variations and store used attribute ids. I think it would better reflect an ecommerce requirement to then only show the attributes used on that product (in at least one of the variations). In your example of the case where there is no value specified. I think it would be a better end-user experience just to remove that dropdown option all together then. Otherwise, you have a dropdown box that says “size” (in your example) that has no values under it. That is more confusing to the end-user than anything. My suggestion is to use the product detail view as a trigger to query only attributes used in a variation of that product and then post the dropdown boxes appropriately. The only other option for me in my project would be to create new “type” or “department” for individual products or a few. I feel the “Type” and “department” categorization capabilities could be used more completely and efficiently without doing that. Third issue: I believe I jumped the gun on this issue. I can no longer reproduce the third issue I posted above. It is a non-issue.

    Thanks so much for your time,
  • Nayden,

    I have found that Internet Explorer is the only browser that this caching issue occurs on and I have everything up to date according to Microsoft Windows Update. Another problem I noticed on all browsers: When you are in the Backend and you click "ecommerce" and then "Products" for the first time after logging on it seems to look like its completely loaded yet it is not completely loaded. It just sits there with a blank white page and then finally the products show up. Not sure what that deal is. The progress bar is missing or something.

    As for the attribute visibility, I see your points and they are very relevant if you are selling all clothing or all similar "normalized" products. My project includes thousands of products that all may or may not have certain attributes. Too many different products for different "type" or "department" creation. Athough, I have a lot of products that need to be grouped with attributes but do not need the attribute size, for example. So, I would have to create a separate department for that specific product alone. I think I may have to go with a more custom solution for my particular project, I guess. Which means this particular concern is probably more of a support question than a beta bug report. I will have to most likely modify "ProductOptionsControl.ascx" so that I can change the "visible" attribute on "<asp:dropdownlist>" for the certain attributes that return no drop down options.  It doesn't make sense to me that if a attribute was made on the system and there isn't one variation of any product using that attribute, it still shows up but with no options under it on the front end. Don't seem right to me. I believe a product detail view of Product A should only have attributes showing on frontend that are used at least once in one of Product A's variations. I will consider entering this into PITS.

    Back to bug reporting: I don't see too many other issues other than the logic issues I mentioned above and the caching issues I am experiencing after upgrading.

  • Hello James,
    About your first issue during our development we also experienced such an issue on different places (add an image to a product go back to products grid) and so on.. but it was happening because of a patch that Microsoft released but as I am aware then they patched the patch so if everything on your system is up2date you should not experience this issue. Still if you can confirm it is just this Master,Detail View issue we will look at more carefully. Currently I cannot reproduce it with Windows 7 up2date and Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.16540 (which is older then your version).  Also can you confirm that on other browsers it works ok ?

    Second issue about the attribute visibility. We surely ware able to hide the attributes if there are no values. However we wanted to make sure that the Attributes are just for that for variations. There is no point of someone having millions of unused attributes. Keep in mind if they are not in use you should be able to remove them or change the apply to types property.
    The problem why we didnt do the "hide automatically scenario " was the fallowing:
    Lets say you are opening a Kid Clothes and you see a Color and Size.. great with values and etc.
    Then you click on another product of the same type but the color is gone. And you see only size till now its ok right ? However lets say that in the first case you select a Size "5" where from then on .. the only color available is just 1 or no color at all because the one with size 5 doesn't have a color set, int this case we will hide the attribute and this hiding/showing of attributes doesn't look very good from UI perspective.
    To keep the attributes fixed however and only update the combo values looked better to us so thats why we did it this way. Of course if there is demand (if you send a feedback request and some peoples vote for it) we can make it hidden or "switchable" based on some config property.
    Keep in mind the ProductOptionsControl is changeable so everyone who doesnt like this functionality or doesnt like dropdowns and want fancy color buttons or checkboxes and radio buttons and etc can implement his own. The "data" inside the entities related to the variations is not changed at all and it is as it was before 6.1.

    Also we will probably make the populator that is populating the values not internal in next version(s) as well so it will be even easier for customization.


  • Hi all,
    Since Sitefinity 6.1. was released already, this forum will be closed. Please, transfer your feedback to the General Forums here:
    Thanks for participating!
    Sitefinity Team