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Sitefinity Beta 6.1 available for download

  • Sitefinity Beta 6.1 available for download
  • Thank you for the new possibilities with variations. This is a milestone.  I will do my next ecommerce project with Sitefinity!
  • Problems, questions on thumbnails:

    1) Image gallery control has width\height hardcoded in the css so it's overriding the selected thumb size, always making it 120x120 (.sfimagesTmbList .sfimagesTmb)

    2) If an album has a thumb size set in the backend...can I still get other defined thumb sizes for an image?  So like we have products and default thumb for products lets say is 300x200.  Now we also have a "related products " repeater on the page, and those thumbs should be 150x75.  Can I just put the new thumb size "group" into the url and have it show the properly sized image?  I've ran some tests and this doesn't appear to that concerns me.  Clearly I cant tell the user to duplicate all her images libraries so each one can have it's own thumb size, then link the custom size to the product as an alt image or something.  I see the Actions->choose available thumb sizes...but when I go back in and select them and re-generate the links still don't work?

    3) Url structure is case if I make a style called "Related" the url appears like this "rosemary-romano-ribbons-jpg.tmb-Related.jpg" which flys in the face of the iis lowercase urls as sf just doesn't understand rosemary-romano-ribbons-jpg.tmb-related.jpg.  So I assume the developer name should save back with a ToLower() to make it bulletproof...can't go live with this mixed case structure.

    4) Still doing inline blocking scripts in the navigation templates...suppose the more aware can cut\paste into their sites core script.  I've also found if you decorate your menu elements with the kendo classes you prevent "popping" of the menu styling as the kendo CSS takes over and the functional part of the menu can be done later

    5) Nav is linking in KendoAll not KendoWeb...I mean clearly like #4, if you're aware you can change it, but why hose other people who don't see that.  Means you're loading KendoMobile and KendoDataViz on every pageload.  So you've gained rendering performance by removing bloated markup to then re-hose it with larger page size via scripts...sitefinity is responsive, who wants kendomobile loading.

    6) I'm sure you know, but document revision history doesn't work...
  • Hi all,

    This is to let you know that Sitefinity 6.1 Beta is available for download on this link.

    Here is a brief overview of the features in the coming release:

    Navigation Widget: Simplified HTML and Styling, Responsive Design

    • HTML markup was cleared of redundant elements
    • Added option to edit Navigation widget templates in section Widget Templates
    • Provided default Navigation templates based on Kendo Menu and Treeview (on the place of RadControls)
    • Added possibility to define Navigation transformation rules in section “Responsive and Design Support”
    • Transformations to toggle menu and drop down are available in navigation templates out of the box, and are activated when the respective rule is applied
      Note: The previous version of the Navigation Widget based on RadControls will continue to be available but will be marked as Obsolete.

    Image Thumbnails: Editable Settings

    • Image thumbnail sets can be edited and added in a new section Global Settings>  Thumbnails
    • For each thumbnail set users can specify: Name, Width,  Height, Quality
    • The following thumbnail resize modes are available out of the box:
      • Resize to fit area – resizes to max width and height
      • Crop to area – crops to exact width and height
      • Resize to fit side – resizes the bigger side to a preset dimension
    • In section Images users can select the thumbnails set to be attached to each library, and preview the generated thumbnails
    • In Image Widget,  users have option to choose and use image thumbnail (from  drop down Image Sizes)
    • In Image Gallery Widget users have option to choose and use image thumbnail  (from drop down Size of thumbnails)

    Image & Video Thumbnails: External Storage Support

    • When a storage other than the database is set for a Library (file storage, Azure, etc.), this storage is applied to the generated thumbnails as well. Currently, all thumbnails are stored in the database.

     Staging & Syncing

    • Added option to sync widget templates
    • Enabled option to select specific items to include in sync
    • Included filtering of  items to sync by language


    • Added option to specify the order of Attributes
    • Enabled the creation of product variations based on multiple attributes.
      To illustrate, for the attributes gender (Male/Female) and size  (Small, Medium) the following variations can be created: Male+Small, Male+Medium, Female+Small, Female+Medium,
    • Added ability to associate image to a variation and display it when this variation is selected on the public site
    • Multisite Management: Product types are global for all sites
    • Ecommerce Note: Upgrade from 5.4 to 6.1 is not supported. You need to upgrade to 6.0 first. Existing variations should be edited after upgrade. For details, see documentation.


    • Personalization – Ability to manually update GeoLiteIp.dat database file. By default the file is stored in App_Data/GeoLocation folder



    • This build is not production ready and should not be used on live projects.
    • Support of upgrade from this build to the official release will not be provided.

    We look forward to seeing your feedback and comments in the forum.


    Sitefinity Team

  • I would have whished for some improvements in the multilingual image department! Who know maybe in 7.x

  • Another sad moment

    a) it seems when you go to properties the values are not persistant. Old set size gets lost and the open in new window is not checked anymore.

    b) the image still opens like in 1998 simply in a browser window. Come one you sure can do better then that. 

    Reported in MAY 2012

    Terlik is able to get my users the abiltiy to crop resize change modify images on the server but simply choosing a small image having it open large in lightbox seems to be to hard. 

    This is everyday stuff for backend users. 


    PS: This has also been on my which list for so long that all I can do is hope for 7.x 

  • 9d910e87-4cb5-6f77-96ac-ff0000ae3c70_sf_beta_nava.png
    Double entrie in navi template selection menu (panle bar still missing)

  • Creating a nested library with dot in title breaks something


    PS: I sure hope feedback from us is appreciated. Beta programms might help get the product better before it is put to use
  • a8910e87-4cb5-6f77-96ac-ff0000ae3c70_sf_migration.png
    Did I ever mention that I think its about time that you remove the Migrate your site on dashboard?

  • af910e87-4cb5-6f77-96ac-ff0000ae3c70_sf_edit.png
    Did I ever mention that the Edit content directly in browser should be hidden if set to false in settings?

  • b6910e87-4cb5-6f77-96ac-ff0000ae3c70_sf_key.png
    When creating a new page

    Description, Keywords is closed
    Advanced options is open

    100% of new pages need description
    20% of new pages need changes on advanced options

    I let Telerik figure out if it could make sense to have description open by default and advanced closed by default.

    Makes the page less high also faster mouse to go to and create


    PS: Just my two cents proven to be so wrong many times
  • One thing that I found a little odd was that you couldn't specify thumbnails for sub-libraries. I was only allow to specify the settings at root level libraries. Do you have plans to allow sub-level libraries the same ability? I definitely could see this being needed.
  • Creating a page called "Images" breaks the backend where you can't edit the page anymore (Resource can not be found).

    Tried it 3 times (in case it was something with my installation) but all 3 time the page broke.
    All other pages still work.
  • Hi Steve,
    Answers to your questions are below:

    1)    Nice catch on the image gallery control. We updated the CSS  - it is no longer restricted and will adjust to the thumbnail size.
    2)    Multiple thumbnail sets can be associated to an Album. So, in the case you describe, you need to associate another thumbnail set to the Album which will generate 150x75 thumbnails for all images in additions to the 300x200 thumbnails.  Then, in the related product repeater, you need to use a link to those thumbnails (the thumbnail URL is formed by the URL of the original image + thumbnail set name as parameter, you can see a thumbnail URL for reference).  I hope that addressed your question.
    3)    This will be fixed. Thanks!
    4)    Inline blocking script is there for demonstration purpose only. We will add a comment that this is not a good practice, and provide instructions for practices to follow.
    5)    This will be updated.
    6)    We are aware of one case when revision history doesn’t work. It happens when user uploads documents via the HTML editor Document Manager button. Can you confirm that this is the case? If not, please, provide more details.

    Thanks again for the comprehensive feedback.
    -    Kalina

  • Thanks Kali!

    #6) Nope just used the backend UI to upload a doc...running on localhost not iis, not sure if that matters (also using Firefox)