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Preview: Ability to Relate Content to Other Content Items

  • Hi Nummo,

    For your case, it will be best to use Related Media Field, for detailed description see:


  • @Kali

      Where is the migration script?...any idea what the status is on that?

  • Hi Kali,

    I'm going to create a custom module using C# project. This module I'm going to use in multiple web site projects. And SlideShowEntry should be a custom content type implemented in this module. This type should contains more data then simple link to an image. This type should contains a Description field, DisplayOrder field, etc. Is there ability to implement content relation in custom content types in custom modules (not in dynamic modules)?

  • @Steve, we are fixing some bugs with the migration script, and expect to be done within a day or two. I'll let you know over email.



  • I would be interested in looking at this when you have something to test out.  I have a large project that uses a lot of related data that I will eventually want to migrate.

  • Thanks for the update. I'll keep my fingers crossed. As for numbers, it really depends but really probably no more than 10-15 in most cases but we then might have a third level as well. With our custom modules now we relate each child to it's parent using hierarchical classifications and we dynamically create the item's url so it becomes something like:


    As for backend interface, I think the treeview makes the most sense since that's how pages and libraries works already. Hopefully that helps and if you have any other questions, I'm happy to help.

  • Hey Kali,

    Any word on when you'll be able to relate content items to themselves in a parent/child relationship. Is this coming in 7.1? This is still a key feature for us before we can switch out our legacy custom modules and think it would be a very beneficial feature for the module builder. Just to reiterate what we currently need: we have many items, say practice areas, that have child items so we could have:

    -business law
    --> tax 
    --> other child practice areas
    --> tax
    --> other child practice areas

    7.0 doesn't allow us to do this type of hierarchy with the dynamic modules but it seems like this is a pretty common scenario. Any update on when it will be included out of the box.



  • Hi KMac,

    This feature is being discussed for 7.1. and we will attempt to include it in the release, if the time allows for that.

    We are currently working on enabling multiple child content types per parent in Module Builder.
    (currently, only one child per parent is possible in Module Builder). The discussion and wireframes can be seen here here:

    I have a question - what is the number of child practice areas you foresee?
    In terms of backend interface, do you expect to see the hierarchy of practice areas in something like a tree view, or would you rather have a link to child practice areas under each practice area, as in the example here: What would be more suitable in your case ?

    Thanks and best regards,