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HTML Editor Improvements

  • HTML Editor Improvements
  • Hi all,

    In Sitefinity, we working on improvements of the current WYSIWYG HTML Editor. The HTML Editor is used everywhere, where users edit text and content.

    We’d like to hear from you on that!

    • Are there any problems you’ve encountered while working with HTML editor?
    • Is there anything that is missing in the HTML Editor today?

    We designed a quick survey  to capture related feedback.
     You can help by filling it in, or forward to Content Editors working on your projects.

    Thanks in advance!


    Kalina Maneva
    Product Manager
    Sitefinity CMS

  • @Kali

    Oh I love this one... it's the oldest OLDEST thing wrong with Sitefinity.

    1) Yes, contstantly, every release of SF and the RadEditor introduces multiple new problems, its always been a disaster.  Kendos editor is moderatly better, however to "work" properly in the editor it injects INLINE STYLES (kill me now).  There have been many MANY threads on this over the years, and even if we find issues and they manage to be fixed, new browser version comes out and issues, AWESOME!

    2) Missing? ...reliabily good markedup content

    Part of my job is to go "fix" radeditor content, regular content editors dont know html, they can't manually fix anything...I hate how it constantly borks things, and it can never be fixed or made better.


    Here's what I would like...

    Kendo (will) support Markdown in the next release.  I would like a global backend setting to tell a site if they want "rich" html, or markdown.  This way I could have all new sites be markdown first which is vastly prefereable for consuming the site content from external sources.

    <h1><p></p><p></p><p></p>Okay, thats all I <span>have</span> for now<p></p><p></p><br/><br/></h1> (thx radeditor)

  • Tables management has some issues that we'd like to see fixed:




  • Just filled out the survey, and am asking my colleagues to do the same.  I am so excited to hear about this opportunity.

    To summarise my feedback - both the RadEditor and Kendo editor are simply not best in breed, by a long way, and will never be.  That might be hard to hear and accept, but I'm hoping that a mature product in a mature organisation is ready to hear it.

    Here are some best in breed softwares:

    Working hard to implement FROALA would be the most amazing thing Sitefinity has done in a long time and I'm truly hopeful you can look past just trying to improve the RadEditor/Kendo editor and embrace what is truly the best for your users.

    Hell, if it has to be a Progress software product, then go and buy one of these - everybody wins!!

  • I would suggest taking a look at the following feedback item I submitted almost 2 years ago...

    Create a single and consistent experience when creating links in my HTML content 


    Here is a basic summary... Currently you can only link to pages, plain web links, or an email address.  But what if you wanted to link straight to a blog post or something with dynamic content?  There is no way to do this unless you get the exact link.  

    Please consider this as part of your changes to the Sitefinity WYSIWYG editor.  Thanks.

    Create single and consistent experience when creating links in my HTML content
    Create single and consistent experience when creating links in my HTML content