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Sitefinity 10.0 Beta Announced

  • Hi Viktor,

    I have a CMS STS website and a CMS client website. I configure for SSO. The login widget is on my Client CMS but the registration widget is a redirection and come from my CMS STS.

    When someone is registered the user is created into the Database of CMS STS automatically that is normal and I can see the provider into my CMS Client.

    It's possible to have a real copy at the same time on the local DB of the CMS Client? So I can in future separate my CMS Client from my CMS STS.

    Can you give me a tip for that?
  • 6c04561e-37c1-6deb-a958-ff0000446526_emailorusername.png

    Login form still shows "Email or username" on the live SF10 instance eh, there is no more "Or" when they are one in the same right?



  • Hello OC,

    From what I gather you are trying to update a project which references Sitefinity 10.0.6350.0-beta packages. If this is the case could you please try removing them completely using the following command in the Package Manager Console:

    Uninstall-Package Telerik.Sitefinity.All -RemoveDependencies


    Afterwards try installing the latest NuGet packages once again.


  • Hi Steve,

    You have one field on the user registration but under the hood it is used to fill both username and email (this way they are the same).

    For upgraded projects (or users created with API - e.g. importing users from other system or using custom registration widget) you will have the ability to have different values for username and email. That's the reason the login widget allows using email or username.

    If you setup brand new Sitefinity 10.0 and use the standard widgets - the new users will use email only.


    Best Wishes,


  • Hello there, 

    We released official version of 10.0 on March 15. I'm closing the BETA thread now. We have multiple fixes between the beta and official release.

    Please use "SITEFINITY" forums instead "SITEFINITY EARLY PREVIEW" for further questions.