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  • Is there the ability to setup a "Store" to do conference registrations?  Where I guess your products are "Sessions"?
  • Hey Steve,

    Ofcourse it could.... In essence a product can be a conference, there might be some limitations as to display the conference information but I reckon when the final version is released you can easily attach a 'product' to an event. 

    The event is your main source of conferences, and the 'product' is just a virtual tid-bit to guide a user through the checkout process.

    If you meant it more as 'attending a conference but how can i register for sessions' I don't think going through the entire checkout cycle is the nicest way, since the client has already registered for the conference you just want some form of registration/notification system. If that's your idea, I'd suggest picking up the phone and calling Telerik and bribing them to hand you their v3.7 code for attending webinars...