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  • Under the Tax rates, you can check an option for ‘displaying prices’ including tax. Yet throughout the site it doesn’t render the price+VAT, only on the checkout process it shows the combined price.

    I know its customary for US stores to display the ‘without’ price, but in Europe B2C sites ordinarily display prices including the VAT. So not totally sure if this qualifies as a bug or not, but it's confusing at the least :)

    Having an Ecommerce setting under settings>advanced  where you can globally define the price display type would be highly appreciated.

    I’m not an economist or global financial geek, but here (Netherlands/EU), generally VAT is applicable to you as a seller, or not. Than depending on where you shipping (in country or abroad) some rules kick in. So it seems strange to have to check 1 or 2 boxes if VAT/TAX is applicable for each individual product instead of defining it globally.

    When maintaining +999 products it’s easy to have one slip through the cracks where a checkbox is missed and all of a sudden some obscure product is selling for less than it should. Wouldn't this also be safer/easier to define globally?

  • Having thought much on this and looked at many carts, this would be awesome:

    1. On product set up page, to have two price selling boxes, to be able to insert price ex tax and inc tax and the other box to compute the other (based on tax set and setting selected). This would then cope with when you need to sell at nice looking prices like £9.95 plus tax and £9.95 including tax.(any you don't have to get the calculator out!)
    2. To have a setting in products, cart, shipping and checkout, where you can select to show price excluding tax or including tax and an additional setting that you can set to display the words, or inc. tax. or not.

    I think that would cover everyones needs. (but there again I might have missed something fundemental!)

    Thanks for listening...

  • Totally with you on the 2nd :)

    On the first however, I totally think we're going about it the wrong way.... E-Commerce is placed higher up in the market (as a paid add-on in standard edition). 

    Most clients who'd pay for that, already have some sort of internal product information and pricing system. They won't be looking to rebuild from scratch a new system and maintain prices in 2 places. They just want an easy and smooth way of presenting the data they already have.

    And yet we have here the basis for a perfect small business ecom suite.... ideal for customers who'd want to start building a catalog and selling products. 
  • Hello,

    We are preparing some changes to these screens, including options for discounts. We'll see what can be done for these suggestions though.


    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team
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