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Custom Fields and Widget Template

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  • Hi,
    I have created my new Product Type, and can create products of that type using the backend pages.  however I need to edit my widget templates for the search list and item detail to show my custom fields.  I don't see my product type or custom fields in the widget editor.

    What am I missing?  Are there any examples walk-throughs or sample out there yet?

  • It seems like this should be a pretty easy question to answer, has nobody setup a product type and placed custom fields on a template?

    Right on the Product Type edit page it says :


    How can I use custom fields in my public pages?
    Go to Design > Widget Templates and open a widget template. For example, a template used to display News. In the right column there is a list with all possible fields you can insert in your markup.

    But when I go to edit a Widget Template my custom fields are not there.
  • Well, have to laugh at myself... user error!