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  • I'm currently evaluating the ecommerce module to take over for our current shopping cart as we move to add new features to our store.  One thing I was wondering if we could do fairly easily is allow customers access to private areas of the site after purchasing a product.  For example, if we sold a streaming movie a customer would be able to checkout and then receive a link to a private page within the CMS where they could view it.  Possible?

  • +1 for this as'd be like selling "Roles" I guess right?  Once checkout completes add user X to role Y who can see Z
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    Hey Jason & Steve,

    Well Sitefinity's got you almost covered there. One of the product options is to auto assign a role when you purchase a product. Say someone purchases productX then (s)he can be automatically assigned to role SupportX. 

    You can find the option in the product edit page (see screenshot). From there you can do do two things, depending if you're a programmer or not. 

    Either setup a role for each of the products. User buys product 'Avatar', automatically gets assigned to role 'Avatar', the pagelink for 'Avatar' is set to be viewed by the 'Avatar' role. After the user checked out and browses to the movie page, the 'Avatar' page link will appear.

    Secondly, I haven't tried it or anything but. You could create a page and through the API you should be able to retrieve if a person has bought a certain product by retrieving the order history. Depending on whether a product is purchased or not you could then show/hide links.

  • Excellent, thanks for the info.  That is exactly what I was looking for.