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Monthly subscription Bronze/Silver/Gold etc.


Monthly subscription Bronze/Silver/Gold etc.

  • Monthly subscription Bronze/Silver/Gold etc.
  • What options is there to have a monthly billing setup for services that are charged on different levels?

    For example

    Bronze $10/Month
    Silver $20/Month
    Gold $30/Month

  • Hey Ara,

    Currently, out-of-the-box, none I believe...

    However v4.3/v4.4 will include a fully programmable Payment Provider Model, and I quote: 

    Allows a developer to code for any payment gateway by creating a custom application that receives order information from Sitefinity Ecommerce, then executes the payment gateway transaction, check results and communicates back to Sitefinity Ecommerce."

    Once that's in place you could add custom fields to a product (billingperiod:monthly/annual billingduration:1yr/2yr) and build a custom provider which picks up the orders. Stores the subscriptions in the db and combine that with an custom application that triggers those payments manually.

    Or (depending if the payment gateway supports 'future dates') splits a subscription up in say 12 different payments with future execution dates and send those off immediately to the gateway, get the results back and never look back.

  • Hi Jochem,
    What is the ETA on the fully programmable payment provider model?

    I guess we have 2 routes we can go.

    1. The monthly billing will be done with custom triggers to charge the payments manually based on the billing period/duration


    2. We are considering using Paypal Website Payments Pro which has a build in recurring billing system, which again we may have to do some custom application (advantage is that we don't need to have the e-commerce package and don't need to store the credit card information in the DB).  will there be support for Paypal Website Payments Pro?

  • Hey Ara,

    Last Friday v4.3 was released and this includes the 'payment provider model'.

    As for support for 'Paypal Website Payments Pro', I have no idea what providers Telerik will add in the future. Currently Paypal's 'Payflow payment gateway' is implemented and this is basically the big brother of Payments Pro which also supports recurring payments. 

  • Hi Ara,

    As Jochem mentioned, Payment Provider model is a feature of Sitefinity 4.3. Here is a resource to get you started
    We do not have a set release on when "PayPal Website Payment Pro" will be supported. But it is something we will be adding in future releases of Sitefinity Ecommerce.

    All the best,
    Venkata Koppaka
    the Telerik team
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