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Flagging certain customers?


Flagging certain customers?

  • Flagging certain customers?
  • A client wants to flag certain customers as having filed certain forms already, so that they don't need to manually check to see if these forms have been completed each time a customer places an order.

    Is there a way to flag certain existing customers as having met certain requirements, so they can take the 'express lane' to making purchases?

    Thanks :)
  • Hey Dana,

    There are several scenario's/routes you could take on this... 

    I think the easiest would be to create a 'verified-customer-role' and to have all the 'express lane' customers in them. This way you can manually add customers through the BackEnd interface but you could also achieve it code-wise.

    On the checkout widget for instance, there's a loginUrl property where the customers have to login to proceed with checkout. With some custom logic you could enhance the login widget to check if a customer is within a certain role.

    If they already are in the 'verified customer' role, they'd immediately continue with the checkout process. If they weren't you could present them with the forms, which they needed to fill in before they could proceed.

    On form submission, you could add the customer to the 'verified-customer-role' so next time they wouldn't be presented with the forms but just the login bits.


    If by completed forms you mean offline/regular paperwork, a custom role would still be the easiest way to go.

    You could add a custom field to customers that 'flags' the paperwork as completed, but the Sitefinity Back End offers no easy interface to filter/manage customers on a custom field. Which means you'd have to build a client friendly backend interface to handle all this.