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  • First post.  I have downloaded the 30 day trial and have created a test project using the Standard Edition.  I was surprized to find that the trial doesn't install ANY sample templates or themes.  The info on the Sitefility site makes it sound like the sample themes and API are included as part of the Sitefility installer but they're not.  Even more surprisingly, I don't seem to have access to the SDK download so I can't try any of the Sitefinity Starter Kits.  When I try to download the SDK I get the following message:

    "Sorry. You are not a licensed user for this product and cannot access this page."

     So, I ended up creating my own master page and theme and am using that for my test site but none of the ecommerce elements have any css styling applied.  What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks -- Steve
  • Hey Steve,

    There are no 'sample' themes, there is only the 'Basic' theme. The marketplace has several themes which you can use, including a few from Sitefinity.

    The basic theme (installed by default) includes general styling on all widgets and components. The Sitefinity free samples from the marketplace are not complete. (The university template for example has no styling for forms/ecommerce).

    My guess is they aren't included because they are showcases/starting points but in no way supported as the basic theme is.

    Not sure what you mean by the API isn't included in the installer, all the logic is there and you can code away regularly or fluent. Documentation and samples are included however in the SDK.

    The SDK can be downloaded by everyone who has an account, since you're able to post on the forum you have an account so you should be able to click this link and download the latest SDK (v4.3.1885 November 10 2011). As far as I'm aware, even trial users can download the SDK.


    Since you've created your own theme, the basic theme no longer applies. So all styling to any widgets is lost, including the ecommerce widgets.

    My suggestion is play around with master pages and widgets first before creating your own theme, that way you get a feel for the power, flexibility and design flair built into the system and then port it all over to your own css...

    You mention that you've initiated a 30-day trial of the 'Standard Edition', the standard edition doesn't include ecommerce in it's license, its a paid add-on. Not sure what the limitations are with regards to a 30-day trial, but if it's indeed ecommerce you'd like to test out consider downloading a professional license.

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    Hi Jochem,

    Thanks for the reply.  I quickly created a simple project using the built in "Basic" theme and you're right, all of the widgets are properly styled.  

    Regarding my comment about API not being included; this was a typo on my part--I meant the SDK, which, I still can't download.  As you pointed, since I can post, I have a valid account and should be able to access the download.  But as I indicated in my original post, when I click the link I get a page wih the following message:

    Sorry. You are not a licensed user for this product and cannot access this page.

    See the attached image for a screenshot of the page.

    Regarding the Standard Version vs the Enterprise:  I'm looking at purchasing the Standard with the ECommece add-on.  The trial includes the ECommerce module even when the "Standard" trial license is selected so this would seem to be the most appropriate version for me to use.

    Thanks again -- Steve
  • Hey Steve,

    Cool, didn't know the standard trial included the ecommerce bits, thanks.

    With regards to the SDK, it sounds like a mishap on file permissions... I can't imagine why you shouldn't be able to download the SDK, just tried the link (again) and it works for me (although there are licenses coupled to this account).

    Are you in a hurry or can you wait till Telerik responds?

  • Hi Jochem,

    Nothing urgent for today--it can wait until Telerik has a look at the problem.

    Thanks -- Steve
  • P.S.

    This is the direct link for the Sitefinity v4.2 SP1 SDK ( If this link works, they've screwed up the permissions, if not I'm sure they'll give a valid explanation...

    Ok, have a fab weekend anyway!

  • The link looked like it was going to work:

    Thank you for downloading Sitefinity SDK

    If your download does not start, please click here

    But clicking the "click here" link results in the following:

    Not found

    Sorry, we couldn't find the page you're looking for.

    Please, use the Site Feedback form to tell us what steps led you to this page.

    Thanks -- Steve
  • Hi Steve,

    I have checked your account and was able to start the download of the SDK, however we are experiencing a little problem with some downloads and we are currently investigating the cause so sometimes you may not be able to download it. I will update the thread when we have resolved the problem Can you test now if you are able to download?

    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team
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  • Hi Stanislav,

    I ended up buying a Sitefinity license which must have fix the problem.  I downloaded the SDK yesterday without problem.

    Thanks for the follow-up,