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Custom fields for departments


Custom fields for departments

  • Custom fields for departments
  • Is this possible, or planned?

    Name and description is OK but limited, e.g. we want to include a category image, or some other custom data that we might need.
  • I would also very much like this functionality.  Right now, the best plan I've come up with is to create a custom module that has the department as a required property and then add image, department promo message, etc.  However, I think this might be confusing to the client to set up as well as require a lot more custom coding in the widgets to implement.  Anyone have any better ideas?
  • @Nick
    Departments are based on 'Taxonomy' so currently it is not possible, as far as planning I've not seen it on the v5 roadmap... and even so, I think this has medium priority at best.

    Nope - no better ideas, yours is the best to go on for the moment. As far as time consuming customization, have you taken a look at Gabe Sumner's Module builder webinar

    He uses an example of 'showcases' by a custom 'industry' taxonomy. Most of the code/complex stuff is already shown how to be done there. 

  • That's a shame (from my point of view at least!) but I guess there are considerably more important things for the SF team to be working on.

    I think we'll have to go down the custom route like Marc.
  • Are there any updates about this topic? Or are the replies still valid?


  • This was always possible though code actually...

    Taxons have "Attributes" you can set...which can be thought of as custom fields.  The attributes are what allow the network\facet taxonomies to work.

    If you have a look at my taxon extensions I kinda cheat and re-expose them as the GetValue SetValue methods
  • Hello,

    many thanks for the extensions...

    But regarding the attributes, I see it's a IDictionary<string, string> but I want to store an image related to the department. I don't think it's wise to (mis)use an attribute for this, to store binary data... or is it safe?

    thanks again,

  • I know this thread is old, but is this still the case with departments not having custom fields?  I appreciate that this is based on the taxonomy setup in Sitefinity but this is a standard feature in most ecommerce engines that your categories have a bit more detail then simply a name and hierarchical setup.

     I am in the process now of create a ecommerce site using Sitefinity Pro, and what i thought was going to be a bog standard thing to implement has turned into a pain in the backside as i need to list departments with images in a grid not simply as part of the navigational setup and i believe now i am going to have to setup something away from departments to manage departments which i am sure will just slow a lot of things down, especially querying from both departments and whatever custom/dynamic module i have to build to handle this.

     If anyone has implemented something similar and has any ideas, please let me know.

  • Hello Roberto,

    I have logged a feature request here:

    I have consulted with our dev team and they all agreed that this could be a valuable feature in some of our future releases.

    Note also that when planning for releases, we are always going through the feature requests in our feedback portal and taking decision what to be implemented based on votes.

    Vassil Vassilev
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