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Sorting for Products in ProductList?


Sorting for Products in ProductList?

  • Sorting for Products in ProductList?
  • From what I can tell there is no Sorting option available in the Backend (not filtering) for displaying Products in a ProductList except DateLastEdited. Everytime I edited a product, that one ends up at the top of the ProductList.

    There should be a way to specify how products are Sorted like by SKU, Alpha, etc.
    Has anyone found a method of doing this?
  • 336762_admin-settings-contentview-controls-productbackenddefinitionname.PNG
    Hey Rick,

    Currently there's no 'user-friendly' way implemented. However during the module builder webinar, they showed a little preview that overview screens (pages/content/products/etc) will in a future version become sort of a flexible grid. (If I'm not mistaking the aim was v5.2) 

    The only way to change the default sort order now is through Admin>>Settings>>Advanced
    Click on the 8th option: ContentView >> Controls and then 3/4 down you'll see ProductsBackendDefinitionName. Click Views >> ProductsBackendMaster.

    On that screen, half way down you'll see "Sort expression" and you can take it from there...

  • Is there a friendlier way to do this in 6.0 ?

    Should this also work for a custom field ?  (I tried and it doesn't seem to work)

    (I handle the sorting of the custom field just fine, and now I'd like to make it the default sort.

    How do I do that ?

  • Hello Tim,

     Thank you for using Sitefinity.

    Unfortunately there is no easier way and doing this via the way Jochem specified won't work for custom fields because they're not included in the base queries. Since product types house custom fields product type default fields are the only ones included. It's a performance decision.

    6.0 does make it easier to query for custom fields to sort/filter by but it still requires you to override the widget or a couple classes. Again, that's only in 6.0. If you're looking for that I can provide guidance but it does require a decent amount of custom code.

    Patrick Dunn
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