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Retrieve Shipping Options Programmatically


Retrieve Shipping Options Programmatically

  • Retrieve Shipping Options Programmatically
  • Is it possible to use the ecommerce shipping method service in Sitefinity 4.x in code-behind to retrieve the list of shipping options (including shipping prices) that is available in the pre-built checkout widget? I've searched for code examples but have not found anything yet.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hey Craig,

    Hope this will help you get started...
    private void GetShippingOptions()
        var availableShippingMethods = new List<IShippingResponse>();
        foreach (var shippingCarrier in Config.Get<ShippingConfig>().ShippingCarrierProviders.Values.Where(x => x.IsActive))
            var carrierProvider = this.ShippingManager.GetShippingCarrierProvider(shippingCarrier.Name);
            ShippingResponseContext shippingContext = carrierProvider.GetServiceRates(this.GenerateShippingRequest());
            if (shippingContext.ShippingResponses != null)
        availableShippingMethods = availableShippingMethods.OrderBy(x => x.SortOrder).ToList();
        shippingMethodsList.DataSource = availableShippingMethods;
  • Thanks for the code sample, Jochem! This will definitely help me get started.

  • If it works on monday, could you mark it as 'answer' then it won't show up no more in my feed list..

  • I appreciate the code very much. Although my FedEx shipping estimates work using the built-in widget, I'm getting some errors from GetServiceRates() on the custom code, but I'm digging into that now.

    Thanks again,

  • @Craig

    Feel free to toss it over here, sometimes 4 eyes see more than 2 who've been constantly staring...

    And thanks for the checkbox - My new years resolution was to keep the ecommerce part of the forums the only one questionmark free :)

  • The code is now working when passing in a GenericShippingRequest object to the GetServiceRates() method. My issue was an improperly formatted country code - the FedEx list can be found at

  • sir i want eCommerce application complte project/ code plz provide me 
    i want sample code for online application coding 
  • Hi, has anyone any insight in how to include the custom shipping methods into this?

  • Hi Ole,

    We have already replied to the separate thread that you have opened. You can find our reply here.

    Martin Mihailov
    the Telerik team
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