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Feature request: 'ghost/temp' product


Feature request: 'ghost/temp' product

  • Feature request: 'ghost/temp' product
  • Hey,

    It would be really great if we could have some sort of 'ghost/programmable/temp' product, vague I know...

    A product that would be inside Sitefinity by default (without showing up in the catalog) but can be used as a programmatic product so it can flow through the entire cart/checkout process.  

    The idea behind it is that through the API, I send the SKU/Description/Price and that makes it a valid product which flows through the system. The system stores ordered products statically so there is no blocking dependency which would make this not possible.

    Still a vague description I know, let me try and give an example.
    Imagine a news clipping site. Each news item contains a summary and the actual article. Everyone's free to see the summaries, but to view the details of the news item, you'd need to pay (say 2 cents). User clicks 'buy' and in the back I fill in the details for the temp product, once the checkout process is complete I show the actual content to the user.

    Silly example in terms of order processing, but if you have some sort of pre-paid 'pay-per-view' model this would make sense. And this would turn any type of content inside Sitefinity into a potential (programmable) product which can be bought.

    This would also allow companies, who have their own product/catalog management system (and don't want products to be editable inside Sitefinity) to easily import their own product db and with the minimum of coding (a buy button, 2 templates and the logic to send some strings to the 'ghost' product) to turn them into products which can be handed of to the ordering system.

  • Hi Jochem,

    Thank you for the feature request. I have forwarded your request to the Ecommerce product team. The team will analyze the request and will plan accordingly. You can follow the status of the request in PITS

    Venkata Koppaka
    the Telerik team
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  • Hey Venkata,

    I guess that means you've got email :) Thanks for logging this.