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Feature Request: Ecommerce Donation Support


Feature Request: Ecommerce Donation Support

  • Feature Request: Ecommerce Donation Support
  • Late last year I attempted to get donations working with the SF4 ecommerce module (see this thread).  While the work around mostly worked, in the end there were too many side effects for use in a production environment.  The request was added to PITS and upvoted 6 times but there's been no further news.  Is this still planned for a (near) future release?  As an aside, I think there were some other threads on the topic that have since gone MIA.

    We're a non-profit special needs school that relies on web-based donations for various fundraising events.  We're currently using PayPal for donations but suspect we're losing many potential donations due to redirects to PayPal for payment.

    It would be very helpful to know if/when this will be released or whether I need to look into another solution.

    Thanks -- Steve
  • Hello Steve,

    Steve Miller recently published a blog post on how to make an Ecommerce Donations Widget. You can find it here: Sitefinity Ecommerce Donation Widget. I think it will be helpful for you and other people who are looking for this specific functionality. 

    Kind regards,
    Atanas Valchev
    the Telerik team
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  • Hi Atanas,

    Thanks for the info and links. I had a quick look and this gets us closer but there's still a key piece missing for us. I need the ability to link a donation to a specific fundraising event. For instance;

    Say we have the following events we're fundraising for:

    General Contribution
    2012 Capital Campaign
    Boston Marathon - Team Tom
    Boston Marathon - Team Tina
    Boston Marathon - Team Peter
    Boston Marathon - Team Judith
    Rahul - Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb

    The person making a donation would select the specific fundraising event they are donating towards. This allows us to measure the effectiveness of individual fundraising events and also allows us to provide detailed reports to the individuals soliciting donors for an event. For instance; if Tom is running the Boston Marathon and has specific fundraising goals he is likely approaching friends, relatives and professional contacts for donations. To help Tom in his efforts, we provide him with reports detailing who donated.

    Unfortunately, from what I've seen there does not appear to be a way to set the donation description with the Donation Widget so it really won't work for our requirements. And since we rotate through a number of fundraising events that are published and unpublished on specific dates, having a separate "product" for each event isn't feasible.

    We're using the Sitefinity Authorize.NET payment provider. Is there a way to post a payment directly to a payment provider from code without using the ecommerce module? If so, it might be more practical for us to post the donation payment and send the confirmation receipts (one to the donor, the other to our internal donations coordinator) from code.

  • Did you ever find a solution to association donations to various events?  

    I attempted to load the Donation sample using version 5.3 but didn't have much luck because of assembly issues.  

    I'm working on a charity web site that no only has multiple events but each event has a bunch of teams.  I need to track donations by event, team and individual.  I thought about using the event registration module but haven't gotten far.  Here's a link to that video:  www.sitefinity.com/.../sitefinity-events-registration-installation
  • Hello Matt,

    You can take a look at this module in the marketplace to tie events module with ecommerce (there by using with a "donation" product") www.sitefinity.com/.../events-registration-widget

    The source for the donations widget is open and is hosted on Github at github.com/.../SitefinityDonation , we will try to compile it for 5.3 version soon, but in the mean time you can fork the repository and compile the code to the version of Sitefinity you are using.


    Venkata Koppaka 

  • Thanks.  I was able to get it working and I also made use of the "Product Upload" or .csv product import feature to bring in historical information.