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External Datasource for Products


External Datasource for Products

  • External Datasource for Products
  • I, along with a small team, have just begun to develop the point-of-sale and e-commerce portions of a larger inventory management system for a client. We would like Sitefinity to pull product data from an external datasource (WCF services) and place them into the e-commerce module. This would need to be updated very regularly, or pulled in real-time (if possible).

    At first glance, it looks like Pipes might be the proper means to pull data, but the samples that I've come across seem to indicate that it is specifically for page content and not for use with the e-commerce section of the site.

    Is there already a mechanism for this kind of integration?
  • After digging into Sitefinity more, I think it would be more appropriate to create custom catalog and order providers, but I cannot find any documentation or blog posts about doing this. So, I've started to try to figure it out on my own (and will blog about it when I get it working).

    Is CatalogDataProviderBase the correct class to provide Sitefinity with catalog data? I've tried to implement that, and created a provider entry in Sitefinity catalog settings, but the methods of my provider type are never invoked. What am I missing?
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    did you already received some feedback for this? Because I'm interested in this topic...

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