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    Just wondering if anyone has experience with the price variations and changing the way they display.  In our instance we are selling tickets (our Sitefinity systems also sells memberships), ticket prices are a different levels for say members, non members and students.

    SF shows the variations as the Price (lets say we have member price as default) $20, a non member price of $25 is shown in the variations as + $5, a student price of say $10 is shown as - $10.

    In this instance this does not make sens.  

    Ideally I would like each variation to have it's actual price next to the item.

    Alternatively, I would like to remove all of the prices in the variation drop down and we will have this detail in the available text area of the product.

    PS I added an image in case my explanation was not clear.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has had experience with this or can provide any ideas.


  • Hello Darren,

    This behavior is by design. By design each product variation item has Additional charge property, where the difference is entered if there is a difference in the price of this particular variation of the product. Currently, we don’t have possibility of entering the final price in the product variation item.

    As a workaround I can suggest:
    - Creating different product items for each product variation
    - Creating Product with price=0 and adding the final price value to Additional charge input field of the 
    product variation. In this case you will need to change the product list and product detail view templates  to display only the variation price. 

    I'll log this as feature request. Here you can find and vote for the PITS Issue: 14041  .

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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  • Hi Sonya,

    Nice workaround, will look at that.  Thank you very much.