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Ecommerce PITS feature requests


Ecommerce PITS feature requests

  • Ecommerce PITS feature requests
  • Hi there,

    Over the last few weeks I've made several PITS feature requests for the Ecommerce module. But once submitted nothing happens. I can understand that the Sitefinity team wants to review the requests before they are published, but I do expect this to be done in a day or three...

    It would really be nice if suggestions where made available for the community to vote on, giving the Ecommerce developers valuable input on what to prioritize. The ecommerce module is still quite unfinished, but we are getting there :-) Hopefully the Ecommerce team will use PITS actively on what to do first and last.


  • Hi Ole,

    Thank you so much for submitting your feature requests on PITS.  Actually, I review PITS for Ecommerce related feature requests pretty much daily.  It really helps me to see what the community needs with regards to Ecommerce.  I really do take into consideration the feature requests and I look at the number of votes so it is important to vote on the features you need.    That is one reason Inventory Management was included in 5.3. 

    Please continue to use PITS - your input is valued.

    Best Regards,
    the Telerik team

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
  • Teresa,

    The last two weeks I have made at least 5 suggestions, submitting them directly through the "Suggest new" function in PITS.

    What I want to know is, are these suggestions received, and secondly, will they be made available for public voting?

    If you want us to continue to use PITS for valued inputs, we that uses it needs to see that our input actually ARE valued and not forgotten :-)

    Thanks for looking into this,
  • I'm not sure whether I remember all the suggestions I've made, but I have had an Ecommerce solution running for three months now, and see now a few things that needs to be done to the module to make its usability better, and some features that is needed for the store owner.

    1. Email/name search on orders
      The orders page MUST have a search field at the top where store owner can search on customer name or email.
    2. Orders filters on status
      The orders page needs a filter for the order status (show Paid, Shipped, Cancelled, Pending, etc.)
    3. Shipping notification
      The module needs a system for shipping notification. Store owner should be able to submit tracking numbers on orders, made available for the customer on his orders page, and submission of tracking number also should trigger an email shipping notification for the customer. The tracking number should also be available directly on the orders page.
    4. Transaction based sales report for accounting
      The sales report in Ecommerce is only good for sales and commerce statistics, but useless for accounting purposes. A (money) transaction based report is needed for accounting purposes. The report need one line for each paid/shipped order, with columns for order total in correct currency and VAT paid for each payment method. For accounting this is mandatory! Accounting tracks money, not products. Both reports are needed.

    Hope to see these suggestions for voting on PITS really soon.


  • Just remembered two more great feature request I've made through PITS:

    5. Show only OnSale items on Catalog/Product List view.
    The product listing (catalog) view widget should have a checkbox for "Show only products On Sale" in addition to the other filters available, for showing on sale products on pages.

    6. Free shipping discounts
    It should be possible to use the discounts for free shipping. Store owner should be able to give free shipping discounts on selected shipping methods via the discounts function.


  • Hello Ole,

    Thank you for sending these feature requests.  All of these are now on the Public Issue Tracker (PITS) and please make sure you vote.

    the Telerik team
  • Thanks Teresa, you're the best!

    I 'will vote now :-)

    And so must everyone else - please!