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Where do I set the store owners email address.


Where do I set the store owners email address.

  • Where do I set the store owners email address.
  • I'm seeing a property on the CheckoutState object of SendACopyOfOrderPlacedEmailToMerchant. I've also seen a Property on the Checkout object for OrderPlacedEmailTemplateName. This would indicate that somewhere you can set the Merchants email address and create a template for the email so that when an order is placed an email is sent to the the Merchant. 

    1. Where do you set the Merchants Email address? 
    2. Where can you create this template for the email to use?

    I've had to create a custom checkout widget based on the OnePageCheckoutWidget in the samples. And I need to be able to send an email to several addresses when an order is placed. 

  • Hey Gregg,

    Under Administration >> Settings >> Advanced >> Ecommerce there's a field marked 'MerchantEmail' which you need to fill (almost at the bottom).

    The template for the email can be found through the widget editor or by editing the checkout widget and then select edit/add a template. (see screenshot)

  • Thanks for the reply Jochem. Since I've built a custom checkout widget that setting is not available, but I could add it. However, since the MerchantEmail is used as the "From" address for order confirmation emails sent to the customer we've set it up as a "no-reply" address. We'd rather not send out the store managers real email address to everyone. So, it looks like I may have to create my own function to generate the email. We need it to go to multiple addresses anyway.

    It might be useful for others though if Sitefinity provided the ability to specify a list of email addresses, separate from the 'reply to' address,  where a copy of an order confirmation can be sent for internal merchant use.

  • I may need to programmatically change the email FROM and the merchantcopyTO depending on what page I am on the site, or other logic. Changing subject would be handy as well. This would be two separate checkout widgets so would be dandy if these settings could be entered there, or easily overwritten. Has anyone done this?