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Missing Country Codes?

  • Missing Country Codes?
  • We've had a number of potential customers email us to let us know that they were unable to order because their country is missing from the ecommerce country dropdown list.  The customers reported the following missing countries but I'm betting there are lots more:


    Looking at the backend "Settings>Advanced>Ecommerce>Countries", CY and FR are indeed missing.  And what's puzzling is that the "Countries" setting page has the following sub heading: "Supported countries by the ecommerce module".  Does that mean that anything not on the list is *not* supported?

    If not, is there an updated list somewhere that includes the values required when adding a new country via the "Create new" button?

    BTW, I'm running SF 5.1.

    Thanks -- Steve
  • Hello Steve,

     Thank you for using Sitefinity.

    Unless they were manually removed they should be there.


    That's a fresh 5.1 project I created just now to check.

    Anyways. Here's an example of what you need. The codes for countries can be found many places online. They're not SF specific.


    Patrick Dunn
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